Colin Powell is a coward

There is a reason why Colin Powell has much higher poll numbers than Rush Limbaugh.  Nobody knows what Powell stands for on any issue. Hard to disagree smellliberalsyw3with somebody like that.  That’s like asking you liberals out there who I know hate fear me whether you like me (an outspoken advocate of conservatism) or my wonderful wife better. She teaches pre-school and Sunday School and does volunteer work.  Without knowing anything about her, you and all the despicable moderates out there would choose my wife over me any day. Gutless moderates and hardcore liberals prefer the unknown to the devil they know. 

Just shuckin' and jivin'

Just shuckin' and jivin'

Nobody out there knows a damn thing about where Colin Powell stands on any issue. Except that he is against Rush Limbaugh (oooooh! It’s so brave to be against somebody with approval ratings in the 20s. not!), and he is for Obama (whose ratings are in the 60s).  Hmmm. What’s not to like? War vet, general, handsome, intelligent “moderate” who supports a popular President. But I’m sure he would start losing support from both sides when his positions became known on various issues. Course he is too cowardly to let his positions be known.  Sir, you’ve been sitting behind the lines far too long, letting others do the fighting for you. Engage. Get the hell to where the battle is raging. Then let’s see what you are made of. It’s easy to sit back and criticize those who are doing the fighting. You would find, if you weren’t so cowardly, that it isn’t so easy when you actually enunciate a position and then get attacked viciously by the liberals when they disagree with you. Coward.

[This is straight from Rush’s monologue today, but it is absolutely true.]

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