Daily Archives: May 23, 2009

New weapon in our arsenal to fight terror–we can read their minds

It does not hurt them. It does not cause psychological distress. It just scares the dickens out of them temporarily. It turns out that nobody can withstand this new form of mind-reading. They have to submit, and tell us everything they know. This new device affects some basic level of the brain that causes the brain to attempt to save itself. It will do anything, and give up any secret, in order to avoid this new weapon. But the weapon doesn’t kill them, or cause long-term psychological damage. Ok, it might cause them to piss their pants.  This works on liberals and conservatives, terrorists and innocent bystanders who happened to be caught up in the drag net and confused with actual terrorists. 

Only one problem: liberals do not want us to use this new weapon. It has already been used on three top level terrorist suspects. Liberals do not think it is fair. Liberals think that we should sit back and let them kill us rather than employ this great new device. That is as silly as not allowing our troops to use a daisy-cutter because the terrorists will not be able to defend against it.  See below for what this new weapon is. Continue reading