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Why isn’t Smash Mouth Politics “nicer”? Why is John Doe such a prick?

Why do I fight liberals tooth and nail? Why do I get down

Dirty Bastard Ale

Dirty Bastard Ale

and fight dirty with them? John Hawkins perfectly expresses why I take no shit from liberals. Here and here. Basically, conservatives have been sitting back and taking it from liberals for as long as I  have been alive. Some conservatives pride themselves on not fighting back, which makes as much sense as a boxer priding himself on not taking off the gloves while his opponent beats him to death with bare fists. Or conservatives priding themselves on only bringing a knife to a gun fight.  Then, when some conservative champions step up and fight the liberals using their own tactics, the gutless conservatives even gang up on the conservatives who are doing their dirty work for them.  Coulter, Malkin, Limbaugh and the like get attacked viciously by the left, and deserted all too often by the right. If liberals are nice to you, and you are liked by liberals, it means that you aren’t trying hard enough, you aren’t taking a stand, you aren’t being vocal enough.  As long as there are leftys viciously attacking conservative ideas, and those espousing conservative ideas, I’m going to be the same mean dirty bastard fighting them back.

MoveON vs. Specter: “Big Tent” only applies to GOP being more moderate

THIS is why Republicans should never take advice from Democraps or liberals about what is good for the Republican party.  MoveOn might oppose Specter in the primary if he doesn’t sufficiently vote in favor of issues that they support. In other words, if he is too moderate for their liking. No shit? Even froth at the mouth liberals realize that the reason to support some politician is because of how he or she votes, as opposed to what party label is next to the candidate on the ballot?  But when Republicans do the exact same thing, they are being narrow minded extremists. The MSM has been harranging us for days about the Republican party being too exclusive. The MSM merely wants the Republican party to be more liberal–they have no interest in seeing the Dems become more moderate, let alone more conservative.  

And Specter is finding out the problem with being a moderate. You end up pissing off both ends of the political spectrum, leaving only wishy-washy disloyal “moderates” as  your base.  Having moderates as your base is about like having a division of French troops as your reserve in WWII.