Daily Archives: May 16, 2009

Moran gonna get the Trust Fund Baby vote?

Congressman Pat Kennedy (another drunk Irish-American who has never held a LIBERALreal job in his life?) endorses Moran. I forget, is he the Kennedy who raped somebody, or the one who clubbed his friend to death with a golf club? Or is he the one who left the girl to die in his car? All those damn Kennedys run together in my mind.  At any rate, I know he is living off the trust fund established by his bootlegging grandfather.  With supporters like that, who needs enemies?

Hey Dick Cranwell, Obama DID bow to a dictator

This is what it looks like when the President of the United States bows to a dictator.  And Jim Webb IS an embarassment. Now eat dirt and die you punk Democrat.


Kin I shines yo shoes Massah?
Kin I shines yo shoes Massah?

Is this too inflamatory, Bob McDonnell you pussy?

Bob McDonnell just lost my support

TOP GUNPer Bearing Drift: Pat Mullins stands up against the Democrats in a speech, and McDonnell calls that “incendiary.”  Bob just lost my vote.  I REFUSE to support any more milktoast Republicans.  Democraps play hardball. Republicans play tiddlywinks. You want my vote you big pussy, EARN it. Engage, Maverick, ENGAGE.

William Kristol plays Smash Mouth Politics (and bitchslaps you cowardly Republicans who are wishing Cheney would be quiet)

Birmingham_dog_fight“Assume the fetal position” when you are attacked by Democrats: That’s the Country Club Republican and RINO way.  This is for you gutless Republicans out there–if you won’t fight back when attacked, when will you stand up for your party?

….”So while some Hill Republicans were fretting about getting a positive message out and others were launching substance-free listening tours, while GOP operatives were wringing their hands about whether Republicans could recover from the Bush years, and while most senior Bush alumni were in hiding, Dick Cheney–Darth Vader himself, Mr. Unpopularity, the last guy you’d supposedly want out there making the case–stepped onto the field. He’s made himself the Most Valuable Republican of the first four months of the Obama administration (ably assisted by a few bold denizens of the Hill like the ranking Republican on the House intelligence committee, Pete Hoekstra).

“Of course, this has resulted in some Republican political operatives’ doing what they do best: complaining, on background, to the media. “As Cheney Seizes Spotlight, Many Republicans Wince,” was the front-page headline in Thursday’s Washington Post. Two Republican “strategists” spoke “on the condition of anonymity in order to be candid.” Profiles in courage! One of them opined that Cheney is “entirely unhelpful.” The other elaborated, “Even if he’s right, he’s absolutely the wrong messenger.  .  .  .  We want Bush to be a distant memory in the next election.”

“To have such a juvenile understanding of political dynamics, you’d have to be a prominent “Republican strategist.” You might actually have both the Dole and McCain campaigns under your belt. Or perhaps you were one of those who encouraged the Bush White House to assume a fetal position on most issues in its second term and not fight back against slanders or defend their people, because to do so would spotlight the “wrong” issues or people….”