Quiz: U Liberal or Conservative?

Copyright pending, John Doe Ltd., all rights reserved.  The answers and scoring are at the end, so keep track!

Badonkadonk: Beyonce, or J-Lo?




















Jessica Alba, or Jessica Biel?









[Of course, above is the infamous–in my mind at least–rainy pool scene in “Summer Catch”]


Not sure about the hat, BUTT…76756879746617be73ae61












Sarah or Tina?




DNC Lowell or RINO Arlen?






























Reagan or Obama?













KKK or the UN?










Hunting, or PETA?


















Hitler or Stalin?










Ok, chumps, get ready to score ‘em!


1 and 2. Beyonce or J-Lo? Jessica Alba or Jessica Biel? The ONLY acceptable answer for real men is BOTH. If you liked them both but were too wimpy to choose both, you might be a moderate. If you didn’t like either, yer probably a faggot girly man liberal.

3. Sarah or Tina: Duh. This one separates the social conservatives (and the men with good taste in women) from the liberals and the moderates and the “elite Republicans.” This doesn’t end the enquiry, but it puts me on notice that you might be a flaming liberal.

4.. DNC Lowell or RINO Arlen: Neither, means yer a conservative, Arlen means yer a RINO or a wimpy conservative too afraid to call that dirty bastard what he is, a RINO backstabbing bastard. Of course, liberals will always prefer a DNC cheerleader over a RINO. I suppose it would be acceptable to chose Lowell over Arlen if and only if you did so based on Lowell’s “body” and not his politics, and certainly not his face!

5.  Reagan or Obama? Only flaming liberals and idiots would choose Obama so early in his Presidency over Reagan.

6.  KKK or U.N.? Neither, dimwits. This was a test to find the racists who said KKK or the total flaming New World Order morons who support the U.N.  They are both totally worthless racist organizations that should be shot and burned down where ever they are found.

7.  Hunting or PETA? Duh. Only flaming faggots and liberals would chose PETA. Extra credit if you were man enough to choose PETA– even though you know they are flaming whackjobs– just because the model has some nice “chops.”  :)

8. Hitler or Stalin? Neither! Again, this was a test to try to catch you liberal scum who think somehow Communism is better than fascism. They are both evil!

By now, it should be obvious to even a dolt like the typical liberal which category you fall in. This test merely brings out the real you. Are you a manly God-fearing America loving hard working Conservative? If so, good for you. If not, well, people can always change.  Good luck.  ;)

p.s. Just because I love their posters, here are some gratuitous PETA ads! Hey, if the GOP could get the advertisement agency that works for PETA to do their ads, they might regain the house and Senate in two years!























26 responses to “Quiz: U Liberal or Conservative?

  1. Angry Pup,

    I am curious do you see yourself as self absorbed, Neanderthal and shallow?

  2. I think this is terrific and I plan to send a link to every guy I know.

  3. 1&2 Both, Absolutely Regan, Hunting. Oh Doug you might want to check thet you still have your balls.

  4. Never has one man done so much for self righteousness.

    What a twat.

  5. You ken that Regan was an imbasile, eh? And that hunting isn’t actually an American tradition, there was a report about it recently in Britain. Was rather funny.

  6. It’s RIGHT not racist. Black people hate you you moron.
    Stick up for your race you spineless fuck…
    You haven’t the slightest idea what you are talking/writing about…President Reagan was a great man.
    KKK all the way.. wise up losser

  7. I am curious……you just a worthless jobless looser with WAY to much time to generate crap like this, or a true life mental patient with WAY to much time to generate crap like this??

  8. Although I hate conservatives and liberals alike for their simple minds. I must say fuck hunting super boring, and fuck peta too, like anybody gives a fuck about animals. The only smart Americans are independent and do not let liberal or conservative thinking control their mindset. I agree Regan was a terrific president who brought this country out of a great recession, but Clinton also kept the economic growth going. So in all fairness I cannot blame one party over the next, although Bush was a complete dumbass and fucked up this country worse then any other president in the fucking history of mankind, he did a few, and I say that loosely, a few things right. I like this website because of the attitude it presents (even though I find it swings to the right a bit to much for my taste), I will continue to visit. Nice job on the liberal bashing, and as for Rory Gallagher whatever the fuck kind of faggoty name that is I say Mother fuck the KKK! I think I made my point.

  9. Wow! American’s are way more messed than I ever imagined… No wonder the WORLD hates you.

    • Omnisient Man

      well your country of Canada hasn’t really done much of anything for the past 60 years. Also you guys seem to be at the ready to suck America’s dick because some of the Canadian Military was deployed to fight the terrorists.

  10. Has anybody ever met a Canadian that didn’t have little dick syndrome? I mean seriously, they all have an inferiority complex because they had the good luck to be born in North America, but not Americans. That’s like being born the fat, ugly sister of Miss Universe.

  11. Las Malvinas Son Argentinas!

  12. That ain’t what Maggie Thatcher said. Remember the Belgrano?

  13. Some of these women just look trashy.
    Look at those big gigantic BUTTS! WOW! Holy Makarel!

  14. You say that like it is a bad thing… 😉

  15. Lipton T. Bagg

    Wanna see some butts?? Look here….


    (Tanline Connoisseur)

  16. I’m a Canadian and a Conservative. Although, I think that even the conservative parties in both America and Canada are far too liberal now a days.

    By the way, just how did the Canadian basing start?

    P.S. I’m the girl in the bikini…


  17. Sorry Tricia, we were just responding to the liberal Canuck calling herself/himself “Canadian” earlier in the thread.

    p.s. Yer HAWT. You can come warm yerself in my new Florida mansion any day.

  18. Hey, I was gonna hit you up for a job but then i got one. i thought you wuz just on the east coast o florida?

  19. West coast from Venice down to Naples and Titusville down to Key West on the east coast, but the season’s over. Back home in South Carolina now.

    Mike G.

  20. Well, dayamn, I’m right in your zone–Port Charlotte, 20 miles south of Venice. If I’m still here next, we’ll have to meet for a brewski or 10.

  21. I had to look up the meaning of “HAWT” and I think I may have found it… And, I find you to be very attractive too Captain John Doe, Sir.

  22. Well, Tricia, any time you come to Florida you have an escort to show you around. Hell, any time you come to America! Me. We loves us some beautiful conservative women down here!

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