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Waldo Jaquith: Are you REALLY this dumb, or are you playing dumb?

The gist of his latest dumb ass comment? That prisoners released from the American penal system have a higher recidivism rate than the terror suspects released from Gitmo.  As if that is somehow relevant.  His “conclusion” is that either the Guantanimo detainees who were released were either “better persons” than those Americans released from the American penal system, or they are “five times more likely to be innocent.”

How ignorant is his comment? Let me count the ways. One, nobody said that all those detained were guilty of anything. That is precisely one of the reasons why it is a violation of the Geneva Convention to wage war out of uniform, and why a violation of such rules can get one shot imediately as a spy. The problem with telling the enemy combatants from the innocent civilians is a problem caused by the terrorists, not us. The ones that we had cause to suspect were detained, the same as we detained Nazis in WWII. The Nazis weren’t entitled to habeus corpus or any other bull shit supposed Constitutional Rights. Because they aren’t Americans, and we were in a war that we did not start and did not want to be involved in. See the parallel, Mr. Intellectual Lightweight?

Two, it could be equally possible that some of those were enemy combatants learned that they were getting a little more than they bargained for in fighting the U.S.A. with George W. Bush as Commander in Chief. Instead of virgins, or at least camels to bugger, they got solitary confinement in Gitmo instead. Perhaps we are too easy on our own inmates. Hmm. But that is a subject for another day.

Third, and pay attention Dumb Ass, the detainees who went back to the war are trying to kill people–American citizens. Many of them are succeeding. The vast majority of people released from the American penal system are not murderers. We try to lock up those people for life.  Or fry them here in Virginia. So if some pothead gets released, and then gets re-arrested for trying to score an ounce, he becomes one of those 67.5% who are re-arrested. Is he a threat to kill somebody? Probably not (John Doe said sarcastically).  I know some pencil- necked little twerp who  has never been near Iraq or Afghanistan may not give a shit about our troops getting killed over there, and his pot-addled brain can’t fathom that releasing killers has such severe consequences.  But that’s why we let such people have little blogs that nobody reads, and work for newspapers that nobody gives a shit about. And we leave the grown-up work of Government, and of waging war, to the adults.  Class dismissed, twerp.

p.s. I notice even Obama is planning on continuing to detain the Gitmo detainees. Even if that means in SuperMax prisons here in the U.S. Sometimes even juveniles can come to the correct decisions.

A litmus test for the Republican Party


Or a list of them, anyway. A line in the sand. If you cannot pass these simple tests, then you must be forced out of the party IMMEDIATELY:

1. You must actively support the G.O.P. Presidential candidate. (ooops. that rules out Colin a.k.a. “the Racist” Powell.)

2. You must swallow your pride and support the party line if you are one of only three Republicans in the entire fucking nation to support a ginormous spending boondoggle that was written by Nancy Pelosi and crammed down the country’s throat with zero input from the Republican minority. (oops again. there goes the Maine Bobsey Twins and Benedict Specter.)

I’m sure that there are many more that a vast majority of Republicans could all agree upon. Can anybody help me with a few more core principals that we all must abide with, so that we avoid “taking our principles and throwing them out the door and become a whorehouse by letting anybody in who wants to come in, regardless.”

Liberty University: FINALLY a University with some balls

Finally, somebody with the intestinal fortitude to essentially call the Democrat rear%20truck%20shot%20copyParty the party of the godless heathen. Damn straight. Pro-queer. Pro-abortion. Pro-communism. Anti-American. I know, I know: There are some very fine people who are Democrats. Just as there were some fine people who lived in Nazi Germany during WWII.  But let’s face it–the animals are in control of the zoo over at the DNC national HQ.

And a word about the clenched-bun hissy fit being thrown by bloggers about this move by Liberty.  Those bloggers have no problem booing a conservative speaker off a stage, or denying a Christian club financing at a secular university because the club isn’t “inclusive enough” to admit queers and atheists. They have no problem denying conservatives tenure, or even refusing to hire them in the first place, simply because they are conservative. I say ABOUT DAMN TIME conservatives stood up to godless heathen and called a spade a spade.  Let the stuck pigs squeal.

More “inflamatory language” that the RINOs won’t like

Go to Black and Right to answer the question whether the reaction by supporters of USeless Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison are over-reacting to comments made by a consultant of Gov. Rick Perry. Perry is being attacked for comments published in the Dallas Morning News, by consultant David Carney, who said he agreed the Republican Party needed to attract new voters. But, he added, “that doesn’t mean you take your principles and throw them out the door and become a whorehouse and let anybody in who wants to come in, regardless.”

Sounds to me like a perfectly reasonable statement. In fact, I’m sorry I didn’t think of it first.

Support new web site: NOT ONE RED CENT

US-Penny-backFight the National Republican Senatorial Committee’s betrayal of the conservative grassroots!  The NRSC is supporting Florida Gov. Charlie Crist over conservative Florida House Speaker Marco Rubio. Conservatives, don’t give the NRSC or the national GOP a penny! Not one red cent. Support the conservative candidates directly.  

Exploring the depths of her depravity with Vivian Paige

Previously we explored her support for “equal rights for GLBTs.”  In the second of this continuing series, today this intrepid reporter interviewed her in regards to her unambiguous support for equal rights for thieves.

John Doe: “Ms. Paige, can you explain how you, a supposed Christian, or at least one who plays one on her blog, can support equal rights for thieves?”

Vivian Paige: “Well, John, thieves are people too. And most of us can’t help it. Nobody is really harmed by theft. So why do we lock thieves up and stigmatize them with criminal records?”

J.D.: “But Ms. Paige, stealing does hurt the one who is stolen from, doesn’t it?”

V.P.: “Not really. Those who have too much deserve to lose some of their excess. Sorta like taxes.  Steal from the rich, give to yourself  if you are poor.  And stealing from corporations is sort of like advertizing–it’s part of the cost of doing business.” Continue reading

Democrat visits Disney World, suddenly decides everyone should have a paid vacation

WesternBrothel2rev-copyWhy, oh why couldn’t he have been viewing new  homes with his realtor? Or a new car dealership shopping for a new car? And I wonder what he would have done if he was visiting  his local whore house?  

His “logic”? Europeans have 6 weeks of paid vacation.  Hey, isn’t this fun? We will see those damn socialist Europeans a paid vacation, and raise them a new house and a new car.  Every employer must buy their employees a new house, a new car, and even throw in a massage with a “happy ending” at Mrs. Woo’s House of Pleasure. The little petty bureaucrat gets the glory, and employers have to pay the freight. When you are giving away other peoples’ money, WHY STOP AT A PAID VACATION, YOU IGNORANT FUCK? And all the Dems such–as Lowell Fulk–who are socialist pigs at the trough  lap this up.

h/t Hot Air