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Capt. John Doe, Lake Anna, Va, summer of '09

I am a 50ish white male. A lawyer until they catch me. A Michi gander by birth, a Virgin ian by the Grace of God. I’m a proud red neck.  I’m a beer drinkin Hold ‘Em playin, huntin fishin nature lovin fun lovin God fear in father of two three (long story) who has been hap pily married to the most tolerant  woman in the world for twenty -five plus years!  Sometimes I say outrageous things. Your outrage will not stop me, so don’t bother. If you don’t like to be outraged sometimes, get the hell out of here now. I hate political correctness. If you can’t back up what you believe with facts and argument, then you probably are too stupid to comment here. But feel free to stick around, you WILL learn something. This blogger is located somewhere in central Virginia. I won’t tell where, because Obama is sending his goons to locate me and take my guns and my Bible and my free speech! Sic Semper Tyrannis!

38 responses to “About John Doe

  1. Obama has goons out to get you? Can you back that up with facts? I DID learn something

  2. Just another anonymous loudmouth.

  3. YEAH The Richmond Bitchocrat has all comment in moderation…what a weasel…grow some balls, boy and your boy Obama down with you !

  4. John, you HAVE to read this http://www.nypost.com/seven/04092009/news/politics/bam_mans_cool_idea__block_sun_163589.htm…I laughed SO fucking hard I pissed myself! What a fucking moron…block the sun! Yay ! !

  5. Great stuff, Frankie. Look at this. I couldn’t stop laughing.


  6. Great stuff, Frankie. Look at this. I couldn’t stop laughing.


  7. Did you read this today?

    “It a good sign for this history of this country,” said Smith, a former Washington, D.C., city councilman who helped establish the African American Civil War Memorial. He said he has been trying since 1998 to persuade a president to pay tribute to the 200,000 members of “colored regiments,” as they were then known, who helped the Union win.

    Obama did not make a personal appearance at the memorial, which is located less than 2 miles north of the White House in a once all-black neighborhood that has now been integrated.

    Instead the president followed tradition by laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns in Arlington National Cemetery. Obama also sent a wreath to the Confederate veterans’ memorial at Arlington Cemetery. He did so despite a public letter from a group of professors asking him to break that presidential practice. Among those who signed the letter is 1960s radical William Ayers, a University of Chicago professor. Ayers helped found the radical group the Weather Underground that carried out bombings at the Pentagon and the Capitol.

  8. No. I might find myself in agreement with Ayers–egads. It seems a little wierd for the US Prez to send a wreath to the Confed Vets’ memorial. If they had been successful, there would have been no memorial. Unless they are just trying to show the healing that has occurred. Don’t get me wrong, except for the issue of slavery, I’m on the Confederate’s side. States have an absolute right to secede if they choose, in my opinion. For good reasons or bad.

  9. I know and agree, I think the people that see this (blacks especially) see it as ANOTHER example of President Apologist at his best…when/where can I sign the papers to opt out of this “one world” mentality?

  10. I am interested in what you write, free speech my friend.

  11. Thanks, Brian. You might be the only one…

  12. hey John, another great place to read free speech !
    . . .http://hotair.com/greenroom/

  13. Since you are so full of sh…i mean facts and evidence… it, produce some that proves Obama is coming to take your guns, bible and free speech. You’re just another Redneck loudm0uth. A member of the party of No. What idiots.

  14. this blog shows that europe should build up a great army as soon as possibe and cut off your weenie.

  15. Love to have you on The B-Cast to discuss your Limbaugh “quote” digging.

  16. Thank you for your work in debunking internet rumors!

  17. Dan, what is the B-Cast?

  18. It’s a daily webcast of news skipped or underplayed by the MSM, from M-F, 4:00 to 6:00 or 6:30 Eastern. It’s on Breitbart.TV, and you can check it out here:


  19. Cool, a new resource to keep me informed. Heck, I’d be honored, just not sure that it is interesting enough to share. I read a local blog which repeated the slanderous accusation, and which cited to the Max Blumenthal article which also blamed the quotation on Rush. I KNEW he would never say that, so I spent a couple of hours researching it. I wrote the article months ago, and it got only a smattering of attention, until Rush decided that he would like to buy the Rams, then all hell broke loose over that bogus quote and others. I even emailed him with the results of my investigation back then, but I’m sure he gets thousands of emails daily, so I don’t blame him for not noticing it, or not doing anything about it, back then.

  20. Great, well, we’d love to have you on. We can do it video, if you’ve got a webcam and Skype, or audio only, if that’s not an option or you prefer audio only. If you want to remain anonymous, you can wear a bag over your head, or send us photos that don’t depict you that we can show during the broadcast.

    Would you be available this afternoon?

  21. Any chance we could get you on at 4:15 Eastern? You can email me, if you prefer.

  22. Sure. I don’t have a webcam or Skype

  23. Okay. What’s the best number at which to reach you at that time? Can you email me some photos, either of yourself or anything else that you’d like to have displayed as you speak?

  24. I’ll send an email to you shortly.

  25. Blogger:

    Could you give me a citation for your Washington quote ? I’ve been chatting in the “Rush Limbaugh / James Earl false quote” thread, but the Washington quote seems vastly more worth attention, if it’s true.

    It doesn’t seem to appear in either of the two big repositories of Washington papers, at the Library of Congress ot the University of Virginia.

    Thanks for your help,



  26. I just googled it in quotes, and get back about a thousand places, but none that I looked gave a citatation for it. Maybe I’m perpetuating an urban legend…

  27. ignorant

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