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Could Virginia become a godless heathen paradise?

A San Francisco of the South? A place where godless heathens and faggots take control of the government? I must say, I’ve had that as a recurring nightmare. Opposing faggot marriage? Illegal. Opposing Soviet style government? Welcome to re-education camp, Komrade.  Free Speech? Nada. Granted, godless heathen have take over infested our state schools, and the mainstream media, and the lower echelons of government. And the blogs, such as Bacon’s Rebellion. But there is still time. Right?

Wanted: Physician. Must be willing to kill late term babies

Democrats call this "a choice"

Democrats call this "a choice"

No experience (or scruples) necessary. Will train. Must be willing to re-locate to Witchata, Kansas.  We provide the bullet-proof vest and life insurance. Salary negotiable.  Planned Parenthood of Kansas.

Note: Planned Parenthood is an equal opportunity employer and does not make employment decisions based on race, color or creed. We do, however, prefer to abort persons of color, as traditionally we are a racist organization.

“Oh, JOHN, how could you?” You might ask.  “Oh, Dr. George Tiller, HOW COULD YOU?” I ask in reply.

Loudoun Insider over at “Too Conservative”: just another gutless Democrat too lazy–or too ignorant–to switch parties


Loudoun Insider in his RINO panties

Loudoun Insider in his RINO panties

Too Conservative, you suck. Sure, you RINOs and “Moderate” Republicans say we should keep traitors like Specter and Colin Powell in our “big tent.” Then, when a conservative wins the nomination, suddenly your traitorous colors show through. “Oh, Cuccinelli is too conservative. Cuccinelli is too wacky. Oooh, ooooooooh, we might lose.  So I’ll just give up in advance and vote for the Dem nominee, whoever that is. They won’t be extremists like Obama. Will they?”

All this latest traitorous speak stems from a 36 second youtube video of Cuccinelli saying that our social security numbers are being used to track us. Well, no shit, as they say.  As a lawyer, I can assure you that our social security numbers are used to track us. I may not be able to find a recalcitrant witness, or a deadbeat dad, with his name and last known address. But give me his or her social security number and I can have them tracked down within the day. Continue reading

“Me is mine, you is yours”

Should be required viewing for all American voters.  Instead of “I don’t want to buy it. You buy it!” “I’m not going to buy it, you buy it!” “I know, let’s get Mikey Baracky to buy it for us! He’ll buy us anything.”

Sirhan Sirhan to be interviewed on “Fox and Friends”

WK.0103.Getty.08Just a good ole boy. Never meaning no harm. “Oh, I think I was wrong. Of course, I think it was understandably  wrong,” Sirhan Sirhan said.  “I think that they should let me out on parole.  They let out that dude that shot Reagan. They paroled that woman who shot at President Ford. I didn’t even kill a President, just a Kennedy who was running for President. Come on, give me a break! If I had not tried to kill Bobby Kennedy then somebody else would have.” Continue reading