About thatmrguy


South Carolina

Hi, I’m Mr. G. Most folks call me Mike for short. I’m a 50ish white male, married with three daughters and six, count em, six grandchildren. My wife likes to say we’re survivalists, but I prefer to say we’re just prepared.

I build houses for a living and read and comment on conservative blogs for fun. I like to golf, but Phil Mickelson and Bill Haas don’t have anything to worry about…yet. I also like to carve,( or whittle), and build some of my own furniture.

I don’t know anything about facebook or twitter or any of those other high-tech modes of communication, so don’t expect any of that from me.

I value others’ views and opinions even though I might not necessarily agree with them. I am not politically correct, don’t believe in it.

Like a lot of you, I used to be apathetic towards politics, but since 2006, I found myself wondering what direction this country was heading. I believe it’s going in the wrong direction and hope to do my small part in changing that. Won’t you all join me.

Addition by John Doe:

Go here to check out Mike’s swing. I haven’t golfed in 5 years, but I have some critique.  Get your weight on the balls of your feet, not on your heels.  Keep your left arm straight except to break your wrist.  Turn your torso more. The glove works better ON your hand, not in your pocket.

Okay, he he, now that I’ve had my fun, give me some advice. I have only one daughter, you must be an expert having had THREE!  Your quiver is full my friend.

John Doe

4 responses to “About thatmrguy

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  2. In addition to the 3 daughters, 5 of the 6 grandchildren are girls, no wonder he plays golf like a girl. How do I know all this, I’m the “survivalist” in the family, you’d think he would be being the only grown male in our world of females.

    I’ll give you some advice on raising a daughter, lots of prosac, you or her, doesn’t matter who takes them it will serve the same purpose. When she starts dating take the young man aside and explain to him how much you value your daughter while cleaning your gun, he’ll get the message. If you can’t do either one of those the only other alternative is to divorce your wife and let her keep custody. Good luck!

  3. John Boye…
    Long time no commo…!
    Hope all is well…with you and YOUR’s…!

    Gramps sends…
    Hugs, Phoebe… Hon, you maybe. the only sane one in the bunch… ? 😉

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