Sometimes I am soooo cutting edge that I scare myself: MORE evidence of political payback in decision about which Chrysler dealerships get closed

022609oshitFor you liberals, it is called “thinking for yourself” instead of lapping up what the dailykos and HuffPo tell you to think.  Last week I posted about how a Republican Chrysler dealership owner that was discontinued was a Republican member of the U.S. House of Representatives.  I speculated that it was because he was a Republican legislator, not in spite of that fact.  

Now it turns out even more evidence is emerging that Chrysler dealerships were discontinued based upon their political affiliations. Supposedly, every single one of the owners of those dealerships that were discontinued were contributors to Republican campaigns.  See “Red Alert: Did anti-Obama political donations dictate which Chrysler dealerships got shuttered?”   This isn’t over. It hasn’t even begun yet.

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