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Boycott black businesses

Some racists have started a website encouraging

The Face of a Racist--Maggie Anderson

The Face of a Racist--Maggie Anderson

blacks to only patronize “black-owned businesses.”  Maggie and John Anderson of Chicago have started the “Empowerment Experiment” to encourage other blacks to only buy goods and services from other blacks. “My people have been  here 400 years, and they don’t even have a Walmarts to show for it,” the racist Maggie Anderson was quoted as saying.  

In an ideal world these morons would be castigated for racism and anti-Americanism. But in Barry’s World they are “news” and reported on as though they are normal people, instead of the cancer on society that they really are.  Imagine, pulling over a car based solely upon the race of the driver. Or striking a juror from a panel of jurors based solely upon the race of the particular person. Or refusing to sell a house, or rent a car, or loan money, based solely upon the race of the person. Imagine if white people did that to black people.  They would be properly condemned, ridiculed and treated like the pariahs that they are.      

Here’s a clue, Maggie and John Anderson: “My people” don’t own a Walmart, either. I don’t go around asking owners of businesses if they are 1/2 Swedish immigrants, 1/4 Irish and 1/4 Unknown before I patronize their businesses.  Hopefully your friends and neighbors will buy you a clue and tell you the truth. You two are racist pigs. Period. But unfortunately, instead of telling you the truth, your friends and acquaintances apparently instead admire you. You. Suck.

Enough ragging on RINOs–TIME FOR A LITTLE RULE 5 Action

Rule 5 with sporting girls. No Democrat girly-men may look. Continue reading

Donald Trump has more balls than most RINOs and Republican “Moderates”

Said Trump of Ms. California, Carrie Prejean: “She’s not fired.” “It’s the donaldtrumpsame answer that the president of the United States gave,” Trump said. “She gave an honorable answer. She gave an answer from her heart.”

Meanwhile, gutless RINOs and “moderate” Republicans slid under their rugs everywhere in order to hide from the issue of “same sex marriage,” while trying to think of some way to blame social conservatives for keeping the issue in the forefront of public attention. When will they learn that the left is the side that is continually forcing this issue to the forefront?  While squishy Republicans squirm in their big-girl panties, afraid that the issue might actually become something that they might actually have to make up their pretty little minds about, the queers and liberal activists are shoving this issue down our throats daily. The Country Club Republicans don’t have the ‘nads to deal with the issue.  [They don’t have the ‘nads of Donald Trump, let alone of Carrie Prejean.]  Besides, talking about the issue might interfere with their tea time.   Or tee time.

The morons who read Blew Virginia and BJDem know more than RINOs and Moderate Republicans

Give those idiots in charge of those two pathetic blogs kudos for

Typical Democrats

Typical Democrats

sticking to the basic democrap game plan.  Un-American godless heathen idiots though they are, at least they are informative. By their utter lack of intelligence or imagination.  Their latest? Jeff Frederick on Ritalin.   [Don’t axe me why the morons post the same article at two different utterly worthless blog sites.]  But let the article, about the new Republican Party Chairman Pat Mullins, be a lesson for you RINOs and “Moderates” who thought that if the Republican Party could just get rid of Jeff Frederick, then all the world would love us again.  NEWSFLASH: the AIDS infested base of the Democrat party will attack anybody who is a Republican. (Unless that Republican attacks other Republicans or is a turn-coat Republican.  Remember when Colin Powell was just a house nigger when he was a member of the GW Bush Administration? Now, after endorsing The Obamessiah, and dissing Rush, he is suddenly the type of Republican that we should emulate–as we throw the Rush Limbaughs under the bus.  Remember when John McCain was the darling of the MSM, and endorsed by the New York Times? That was back when he was running versus conservative Republicans in the primary and almost daily attacking his party and siding with liberal Democrats. But once he won the nomination, suddenly he was the worst knuckle-dragging Neanderthal excuse for a Republican since, well, GW Bush, in the eyes of the liberal elites.)

Here is a clue for you gutless cowards who call yourselves Republicans but who turn on any of our GOP leaders when the Dems turn up the heat: The Dems and their MSM lap dogs will turn on any Republican leader who stands up to the Democrat agenda. The attacks that are just starting on Pat Mullin are just the latest example of how the Dems operate.  Attack. Attack. Attack.  Either learn to stand up to them, and attack them back, or get the fuck out of the Republican Party.  Now resume drinking your little frou-frou drink at your local country club. That is all.

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