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Largest Ocean Sunfish ever?

Wow. A.k.a. the mola mola, or the common mola. Continue reading

Women are like a fine wine

They get better with age. A little Rule 5 action, showing teen 42787104hearthobs from the 80s, then and now. Course, they didn’t show Phoebe Cates in her most famous pose. 😦 

p.s. bonus points for a movie where that “women are like fine wine” quote is used.


Answer: American Pie, regarding Stickler’s mom.

Excellant article by a moderate Republican on why Arlen Specter is a traitor

By Bruce Bialosky…”The reason we are probably more aggravated [at 090209-benedict-specter6Specter, Snowe and Collins for voting for the “Stimulus Package”] is two-fold. First, you tarnished the good name of moderate Republicans by signing on to that turkey. Second, we understand that politics is a team sport. Do we like everything about our most conservative Republican friends? Absolutely we do not. But when the team says we are going one way, we don’t appoint ourselves as special arbitrators and undercut everyone else in the party….”

“Senator Snowe, we want to keep you and Senator Collins in the Republican Party and any other moderate. We believe there is plenty of room for us moderates under the big Republican tent. But if you continue to act like Arlen Specter — being a cowboy and more concerned about your political hide than political principles — then we will also have a big fiesta for your departure.” Continue reading