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What Would Reagan Say About Same-Sex Marriage?

Fortunately, that God forsaken idea was not even seriously considered ronald-reaganjust thirty years ago, so we will never know for sure. But this is for those “moderate” Republicans and those Republicans who fancy themselves as “Reagan Republicans” when they are fiscally conservative and socially liberal or libertarian. I think the reason Reagan did not condemn same-sex marriage was because it was not an issue. Faggots and their supporters were not so emboldened back then.  Here is an actual quote from one of his speeches, with the entire speech below the fold:

…”These people [average Americans] had held true to certain beliefs and principles that for 20 years the intelligentsia were telling us were hopelessly out of date, utterly trite, and reactionary. You want prayer in the schools? How primitive, they said. You oppose abortion? How oppressive, how anti-modern. The normal was portrayed as eccentric, and only the abnormal was worthy of emulation. The irreverent was celebrated, but only irreverence about certain things: irreverence toward, say, organized religion, yes; irreverence toward established liberalism, not too much of that. They celebrated their courage in taking on safe targets and patted each other on the back for slinging stones at a confused Goliath, who was too demoralized and really too good to fight back. But now one simply senses it. The American people are no longer on the defensive. I believe the conservative movement deserves some credit for this. You spoke for the permanent against the merely prevalent, and ultimately you prevailed...”

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Triad Marriages–The Slope Just Got More Slippery

And idiots thought opponents of faggot marriage were wrong when they predicted that after allowing faggots to marry that there would be no stopping polygamous marriages and incestuous marriages. Threesomes, the next marriage frontier.  After that? Intra-species marriage? Marriage to inanimate objects? After all, we can’t deny the “rights” of people now can we?