Rush Limbaugh linked here

Rush is right. Rush is right.

OMG!  Here is the link [as he says to self, quit acting like a school girl. Act like you belong!]

This is almost as great as the thrill that would hit me if I called in and actually got to speak to him myself!  My hits are going through the roof!  My site meter is on viagra. 

Only one complaint. Notice that my article about the bogus quote was written last spring?  I even e-mailed a copy of it to Rush Limbaugh back then.  I knew that allowing that crap to remain out there would eventually bite him in the butt.  You cannot allow lies to tarnish your reputation without fighting them vigorously, wherever and whenever you find them.  But I am honored that Rush cited to my humble blog.

49 responses to “Rush Limbaugh linked here

  1. I know the feeling.

    After seeing how much you guys did in 2005, I sent Rush my links (which included all of your stuff) and hoped he would dive on it.

    Perhaps they were gathering all of the fraudulent uses of the quotes to send them legal nasty-grams.

    Anyway, thanks for everything you guys did because most folks will never dive deeper into these things.

  2. Fortunately, Rush Limbaugh says so much directly verifiable stupid hateful shit that most people won’t need to make stuff up to expose what a grade-A hypocritical douchebag the guy is.

    Your blog’s classic, by the way. I bet you were rooting for the guys in the pickup at the end of Easy Rider. Yee-haw.

  3. I’ll bet you were rooting for the Nazis not to invade the Soviet Union, so all your buds wouldn’t get wasted.

  4. “Bob Dole”? Are you kidding me? You couldn’t do better than that?

    While never a big fan of the real Bob Dole, he deserves better than association with a mindless liberal wonk such as yourself.

    But we’re glad you’re here. Readers who think like you make it so much easier for us to show our real readers where today’s vitriol and disinformation really comes from – and it’s not from conservatives.


  5. Might amuse you to know that my real name is Robert Dole. I don’t go by a dumb alias, unlike a couple of cowards I can think of. Beautiful hypocrisy, you spend half your time crying because the mean old left want to take away your freedom of speech, but when you have the opportunity to speak freely you put on the internet equivalent of pointy white Klan hats because you’re too scared to put your own name to the hatred and bullshit you spew.

    You people are a hoot, you really are. That picture just on the right there, inbred guy with the tourist shades and the fascist hairdo, me and my friends are gonna borrow that. We won’t alter it in any way, we’ll just show it to kids to teach them how ugly bigots are. Hope you don’t mind.

    Have a nice day.

  6. Hey, that blonde in the Dole commercial is hawt.

    Why don’t you lighten up, Bobby “Viagra bref” Dole? You act like someone impersonating how a girly-man liberal transvestite would act when “her” panties got all twisted into a knot.

    Take a breath, ease off the coffee, and say something that is intelligent, even if it is wrong, maybe we can have a little discourse, instead of just a name calling fest, eh?

  7. Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot I was commenting on a blog written by people who are consistently respectful and well-spoken towards the people they happen to disagree with.

    Very well, let’s have discourse. Please explain to me how Limbaugh’s use of the song “Barack the Magic Negro” isn’t an obvious example of bare-faced racism. How about when he told a black caller to his radio show to take the bone out of her nose? How about whe he compared the NFL to a gang war between bloods and crips? Or passing for a moment over race issues, maybe we could discuss the patently revolting hypocrisy of a man who spends years criticising and condemning drug addicts and demanding harsher sentences for them and so on, while himself being addicted to narcotics.

    Now I’ll be the first to condemn publishing a fake quote to attack someone, but that doesn’t alter the fact that Limbaugh’s a bigot and a hypocrite, who has said plenty of offensive stuff he ought to be attacked for, witout needing to make anything up.

    • Then man up and admit:

      You are a racist.

      You bash others using the “race card” without having facts to support your position. In fact, just today you have displayed more wrong-minded racial bias than Limbaugh ever has.

      You again and again are proven to be nothing other than a talking piece, and most importantly;

      You shame other free-thinking people of ALL RACES by pointing fingers, instead of seeking solutions.

      Sadly “Bob”, I don’t believe you have the moral turpitude to admit what you are. But I’d be happy to have you prove otherwise.

  8. Hahaha! The words to Barack The Magic Negro were all inspired by what LIBERALS wrote and said about Obama. Learn a little about history before you spout off about racism.

    As to the bone out of your nose statement, it was said years ago. Didn’t you ever say anything that you regretted saying? Ever called anybody a nigger? I’ll venture to say that nigger is worse than bone out of your nose. If you did ever call anybody a name, STFU with your morally superior tone. If you say you never did insult anybody, ever, I’ll just call you a liar. Even Jesse Jackson called Obama a nigger. You condemn him as a hatemonger? I didn’t think so.

    It’s funny, liberals have no problem forgiving Robert Byrd, for being a freaking recruiter for the KKK, but they march around looking for poltically incorrect words of conservatives to lynch them with.

  9. “Barack The Magic Negro” was penned by a writer for the Los Angeles Times, one of the most liberal newspapers in the United States.

    From Wikipedia: “The magical Negro is a stereotype which was first applied to presidential candidate Obama by movie and culture critic, David Ehrenstein, in a Los Angeles Times op ed column of March 19, 2007. According to Ehrenstein, the magical Negro is a non threatening black hero in the popular media, usually the cinema, who was invented to ease feelings of white guilt over slavery and racial injustice. He is noble and devoid of sexual motives, and appears suddenly, out of nowhere, to magically solve the problems of white people.

    Ehrenstein opined that “Obama’s fame right now has little to do with his political record or what he’s written in his two books, or even what he’s actually said”. Rather, Obama was a popular contender for the presidency because whites were projecting their “fantasies of curative black benevolence” on him.[3]…”

    Again, “Bob” has no facts to play with, only misinformed supposition and mindless blather.

    Oh, and his racist ideology.

  10. Bob, REALLY, I value your comments here. If Lipton and I get a little hostile it is because we both deplore being called racists. I have a nineteen year old black girl living with me. If I was a racist would I do something like that? Me and my wife basically adopted her and she’s been here 4 years. Her mother didn’t want her to move up here from Miami FL because she had heard how racist it was up here. She goes to a fully integrated school, and she relatively recently told me that she had never experienced ANY racism whatsoever.

    We’ve come a long way in this country in just my lifetime. Horrid things have happened in our lifetimes. You need to let it go, and look at the many good things that have occurred. We are making progress. You living with all past insults on your sleeve only hinders our progress.

  11. Tactic no. 1 in the Big Book of How to be a Right-Wing Bigot: Accuse anyone and everyone who disagrees with you of racism.

    It don’t wash, boys. Nice try, though. Now go hit some books.

    Books that weren’t written by other conservative bigots, preferably.

  12. No Conservative bigots here, but we enjoy entertaining bigots borrowing the name “Bob Dole”.

    And once again “Bob”, thanks for spending your time here. You make our case better than we ever could.

  13. You guys are wasting your time with “mr Dole”. His mind was made up in the womb and there is no changing it. But for his blindness, he could see.

    Liberals have a hard time being introspective. They can’t look inside themselves and see what’s wrong with their thinking, consequently they can’t see what they need to do to make things better for themselves and others. And race-baiting liberals are the worst kind.

  14. Gotta love it when conservatives are accused of calling those who disagree with them “racists” –pot, meet kettle.

  15. Mr. G:

    For me, it is not so much about changing “Bob Dole’s” mind (no compelling reason to believe that is possible); but rather to make sure the truth of the matter is heard by those who do listen.

    Racism sucks. I know this first hand. That’s ALL racism, including what “Bob” was practicing here. We still have racial issues everywhere in the world. Saying otherwise is foolish, but it is no longer the glass ceiling it once was. Any man or woman can accomplish most anything in America with effort, intelligence and a bit of good fortune. It’s one of the things which makes this country great.

    It is not only narrow-minded, but defeatist of people such as “Bob” to cast that lot upon others because “once upon a time, we were slaves…” (or something similar – insert racial particular here). To me, it’s possibly the worst single insult one person can place upon another – you cannot succeed because of the color of your skin.

    This man’s opinion, and as always, YMMV…


  16. I’ll be honest with you, when I was a kid living in SoCal, I didn’t really know what racism was. We were middle class folks, had Mex-American and Black friends. Hell, we didn’t pay attention to what color a person’s skin was, we went by what they did and how they acted.

    I know racism sucks! I’ve seen it first hand when I lived in Atlanta, but it was Black on White instead of the other way around.

    There’s one thing Bobby Dole has overlooked…there were more slaves owned by Blacks in America than owned by Whites. Still doesn’t make it right, but there it is. If BD is Black, it’s possible some of his ancestors were slave owners. I’m just sayin’

  17. *Slow clap*

    You’re right, John, you’re not a bigot. That’s why on that other page you’re claiming that it should be legal to assault homosexuals. Or is being a homophobe not prejudice in your outlook?

    And ain’t it weird how every right wing nut you meet has some bullshit story or other about how the only racism they’ve ever seen has been mean old black folks oppressing the poor defenceless whites. It would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic.

    I’m not black, and even if I were I wouldn’t feel the need to apologise for whetever my ancestors got up to. That doesn’t dispense me, however, from displaying at least some degree of sensitivity towards minorities who, even now, continue to suffer from prejudice and oppression. And it certainly doesn’t entitle me to be petty and tasteless enough to claim that a minority’s reaction to that prejudice and oppression is nothing more than counter-racism. Black people are disproportionately disadvantaged in the United States, and that’s not something which is going to be solved by an uproar every time black community leaders do something that some white people perceive as a threat. Minorities need protection from the prejudice of the majority, and that can’t be achieved if the majority cling to their entitlement to express that prejudice, explicitly or implicitly.

  18. Yer pretty good at dispensing with the insults. Then you whine at every perceived insult that I throw out. Sorry if I don’t give a shit what you think, but there it is.

  19. If you didn’t give a shit what I think you wouldn’t bother to answer me, John.

  20. You know, minorities can only ride the “racism” horse so far. They’re going to have to get off of it and make it on their own merits before the “horse” collapses on them.

    I’ve known a lot of Black folks in my time and the common thread between them is they all came from the same place, usually from a broken home, no father, ect. The difference is, some of them pulled themselves up by their bootstraps, didn’t blame someone else for their problems and became successful people. The others had an entitlement mentality, always blaming someone else for their problems, never themselves.

    If you think government entitlements are “helping” these folks, well…you are fooling yourself. They should be “hand-ups”, not “handouts”.

    And those “Ghetto Whores”, the Rev’s Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson aren’t doing the Blacks any favors either. That “Rainbow” coalition is nothing but a money making scam for the “good” rev. Jackson.

  21. “You know, minorities can only ride the “racism” horse so far. They’re going to have to get off of it and make it on their own merits before the “horse” collapses on them.”

    How charitable of you to describe the struggle of minorities as nothing more than taking advantage. Presumably because of the “entitlement mentality” you’re referring to. I’ve heard that myth before. Weird thing is, in places where poor people have had all the help taken away from them, they haven’t suddenly started to do better for themselves. I wonder why.

    I think it’s kind of quaint that you’re talking about the black community as if it were a lazy child and you were a strict parent, but it betrays your basic belief that they’re somehow inferior to you.

  22. NOWHERE in any of my posts have I said that Blacks were inferior to me or anyone else. Another case of a liberal putting words in someone else’s mouth.

    “Weird thing is, in places where poor people have had all the help taken away from them, they haven’t suddenly started to do better for themselves. I wonder why.”

    I’m from Missouri, you’ll have to show me where that happened.

  23. I didn’t say you said it. I said your discourse implies it.

    And seriously, you don’t need me to make you a list of places in the World where the poor get no help at all and yet don’t miraculously turn into a bustling community of entrepreneurs. Just look at any country with little or no welfare. In those countries the poorest people usually live in favelas and search through refuse dumps for a living. Standards of living plummet, crime skyrockets.

    You can’t force people to improve their situations by taking away what little they have. Especially not in a country where the market is completely at odds with economic democracy.

  24. Here we go again. Anther round of race-baiting banter with no substance….

    Hey “Bob”, why not link Or maybe They all buy into your weak diatribe.

  25. Ahhh…And here I thought you were talking about our country.

    Unfortunately for those poor souls in those third world countries, although the United States and it’s citizens have poured countless trillions of dollars into their countries, they have corrupt leaders who skim all of the cream off the top and maybe give their people the leavings.

    I have relatives who have spent their entire lives in third world countries trying to teach them self-sufficiency AND bring them the gospel. They don’t get government money, it comes from private donors and churches and their own pockets.

    • The Gospel. Wonderful.

      The United States gives hardly any aid to third world countries. The figure always sounds big but it’s a dodge. Firstly, proportionately, the US gives less than Ireland in foreign aid. You’re about No. 20 or so on the list of donor countries, proportionately speaking. Which is shocking, considering how much money you could be giving. But that’s by-the-by.

      Secondly, and more importantly, most normal donating countries allow 10% of foreign aid to be directly invested into the donor county’s own business interests in the recipient country. The most obnoxious take for a European country, for example, is Italy at 70%. That means 70% of Italy’s foreign aid is directly invested into Italian business interests in that country, and this figure is generally frowned upon by other countries.

      The US percentage is a whopping great 90%.

      If that weren’t bad enough, because what little charity does get through goes into crops and goods of interest to the US market, it usually means that a US aid package is the Kiss of Death to local producers. But to ensure that the supply isn’t interrupted, the US government quite consciously seeks out corrupt governments with which to do business.

      Any normal government would tell you to shove your aid up your f*cking arse.

      Please don’t take about trillions of dollars. It’s insulting. And it’s one of the main reasons most of the rest of the world think you’re hypocrites. Ever wonder why your flag gets burned so much on TV? Do you even see that in the US? It’s not because they’re “jealous of wealth and power” and hate your “freedoms” and all that rubbish. It’s because you’ve f*cked them over, as usual.

      • Good heavens, I’ve just scrolled down to discover I’d posted pretty much word-for-word the exact same rant in here in April.

        I do apologise.

        • Don’t apologize Rodger…most folks here are just like me…?

          We just rode in on the truck off the ridge and rolled off that load of turnips at the Tea Party, “speed bump”… and then we realized that; President Obama’s 23 months in office isn’t “totally” responsible fer the way the rest of the world, perceives the US or actually any part of the despicable, usurpation of our civil, rights dictated by C0-President Cheney’s “Patriot Act”…who knew…?

          Actually brings back memories of 1960…and “The Ugly American”…

          • Oooh, Gramps, speaking of actual occurrences in India (The Ugly American postscript), I’ll see your local communists painting red hammer and sickle emblems on “several tractors”, and raise you the Bhopal Disaster, and throw in the United Fruit Company in Central America, Operation Northwoods, any number of democratically elected governments overthrown in Central and South America and – f*ck it – my car keys to boot. I’m sitting on at least four aces here.

            I’m not having a go here; I understand where you’re coming from.

  26. Some may have not noticed, but Smash Mouth now has an “Official Complaint Department.” See the top lower right of the header, above the photograph, at the top of this blog. TIA.

  27. MrG, although the US is the largest donor in terms of dollar amounts, it falls way behind countries like Norway and Belgium in terms of percentage of GDP. Not that I’m criticising that, and you’re right, many of those countries are run by corrupt governments. It’s also laudable that private individuals and other organisations work so hard to give charity. But the fact is that in most cases that charity would not be necessary if there were the means to set up an adequate welfare system. You presumably don’t begrudge these people the charity they’re given, or tell them they’d do far better if they didn’t assume they were entitled to it. And that’s all welfare is, a system of state-run charity for those most in need.

  28. In countries such as the UK or Sweden, as with most donor countries (Ireland gives more per person than the US) 10% of foreign aid may be directly invested in business. So 10% of charity isn’t really charity at all, it’s the donor government’s interests located in the receiving country.

    The US ties 90% of it’s foreign aid to the sale of its own goods and services to the receiving country, deeply harming regional businesses.

  29. Which goes some way to explaining why this money (what little there is left of it) ends up in the hands of corrupt governments. Those are the only sorts of governments the US can (and knowingly) do business with on this level. A half-way honest government would rightly laugh at a US aid package and decline it on the grounds that it would be “The Kiss of Death” for the locals.

    It also goes some way to explaining why one sees all those foreign types burning the US flag so frequently. Or maybe you don’t see that so much State-side, huh?

  30. Roger, I’m not about to feel sorry for other countries. We spend all our money on the military to keep the world safe. When strife flares up, they don’t go running to Ireland or Greece for the might to stop it–they whiiine to the USA.

    IF as you propose the other countries are so mad at us for our aid, why don’t they reject it? I’d be happy if those third world morons who haven’t even discovered toilet paper yet would send all our money back to us.

    • They don’t get money, they get infrastructure improvements and bribes for officials, to be paid back with interest – and no chance to ever be able to pay back.

      You don’t know what you’re talking about, John Doe.

    • Well no, they don’t whine to the US. They go to NATO. But because the US has such a huge military machine, that pretty much translates as the US. A government has no choice. It’s a racket.

      And the people do reject it. You don’t make them safer – you make the world in general more unsafe if anything, but you give their governments money.

      Look at Poland and the Czech Republic when you wanted to build missile defense systems in their countries to protect them from… well, let’s call a spade a spade, the Iranians. An hilarious notion if ever their was one. “Operation Let’s Wind the Russians Up”.

      The governments approved it at the time because they were being paid to approve it. But the populations of both countries were more than 80% against it. They were, at the time, ignored.

      Because when you start waving your dollars in their governments’ faces, they generally stop being democracies.

    • You lot keep using the word, “whine”. Everyone goes “whining to the US”.

      Apart from not being true, it’s an extraordinarily condescending word. Try “appeal” or something instead, if you must insist on this point. It’ll get you in less trouble abroad.

      • So Roger, if you’re not an American and you live in a foreign country, Can I assume it’s one of the many European countries the United States of America pulled out of the deep fat fryer. In other words, y’all appealed to us to save your asses. After World War 2, America spent a king’s ransom rebuilding your country. Which foreign country are you from so we can send you a bill….Oh yeah,that’s right, we didn’t ask for repayment. And it seems like after WW1, we did the same thing…saved your asses and then rebuilt your countries at no cost to you. Imagine that.

        I visited your blog. I’m guessing you don’t expect much traffic, as I’m pretty sure most people in America don’t understand Occitan or Provencal, or if you please, bastardized French/Spanish/Italian. How many of these Occitans’ have internet access? And they call it a “romance language”…LMAO.

        • You certainly can assume that I live in a European country, MrGuy, with my blessings, but you’re gravely mistaken in the belief that the US did not ask for repayment. You did, in fact.

          If you’d read my profile on the blog or on the hovercard you’d know that I’m a Scotsman living in Germany, and for your information we (meaning the British) transferred our last installment, the remaining $84 million of the 1945 loan, to the U.S. Treasury on December 29, 2006.

          Germany finished paying reparations on the 2nd of this very month, for the First World War.

          But, hey, if you’re right and we’ve made a horrible banking error, can we have our money back please? 🙂

          Remember that it was certainly in the US interest to rebuild Europe – and especially Germany – as fast as possible after the Second World War, or you’d be more than a little compromised as to who you could do business with in the aftermath. It wasn’t charity. And ever since then, military engagements have only ever been entered into if they were of financial benefit to the US.

          And a word of advice: be very careful with this cliche about “saving your asses” during the Second World War. Firstly, it’s enormously disrespectful to memories of the British and other Europeans who died fighting the Nazis. Secondly, it wasn’t done for free and the US walked away with more or less half the planet’s wealth at the end of it. Thirdly, the US intervention in the Second World War should not be used as a moral cudgel to silence voices of reasonable dissent on contemporary US foreign policy.

          After all, Joschka Fischer told Donald Rumsfeld to his face in Berlin that Germany couldn’t go to war with Iraq because there simply wasn’t enough evidence to justify it, and he was right. The invasion was based completely on lies. Should he have shut up because he felt he owed you one from 1945? Surely not; it makes no sense. It would have been a gross disservice to everyone involved.

          And I respectfully urge you never, ever, to repeat that, “we saved your asses during World War II” line to an Englishman’s face.

          What you saw on my blog was Latin. It’s automatically generated “dummy copy” used by graphic designers to see what a spread will look like before the final copy is inserted into the layout: Something by Virgil, I think. I only set the blog up the day before yesterday. Wasn’t expecting any traffic at all as it happens.

          You Googled obscure European languages to get Occitan, didn’t you? Apparently, 1.5 million use it was a first language, and since it’s spoken in France, Italy, Spain and Monaco, I’d guess they all have internet access, and full health coverage, too. 🙂

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