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Finally, The Truth About Dick Cheney

From IMAO: a couple of teasers, just so you will go have a look–

“MYTH: If you ever don’t pay attention to the baby monitor, Dick Cheney will sneak in and shake your baby.
FACT: Dick Cheney does not shake babies; he’s swallows noisy babies whole.

MYTH: Dick Cheney strangles kittens for fun.
FACT: It’s more like a nervous habit.”

Can it be time for Jessica in a bikini?

Rule 5 t- t- t- time?  You betcha. 

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Pres. Obama is speaking in code: “Unsustainable” means “tax increase” and “universal health care”

You have to know how the socialist community organizer’s  mind

The debt is "unsustainable" = "hide your wallet"

The debt is "unsustainable" = "hide your wallet"

works. What he said recently was that the current deficit spending was “unsustainable.” “We can’t keep on just borrowing from China,” Obama said at a town-hall meeting in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, outside Albuquerque. “We have to pay interest on that debt, and that means we are mortgaging our children’s future with more and more debt.”

That is a feint, a misdirection play. What he means, and where he is going, he is laying the ground work for “Gee, I cut taxes like I said I would, but this mess that George Bush made out of the economy is worse than I thought. Now that I am President, and able to see how really bad it is, now I can see that we need to raise taxes. And save money by instituting Universal Health Care. Sorry, I’m not really in favor of raising your taxes, but I have to. For the children.”

And he will use the debt as an excuse to raise our taxes. And socialize businesses. And cram down our throats Canadian-style (or even Cuban-style) health care. He’ll raise taxes on sodas, on fried foods, on gasoline and CO2. He’ll raise taxes on company paid health insurance, and on booze and cigarettes, you name it, he’ll tax it. And the idiots will believe him. “Gee, he’s such a nice guy, so intelligent and witty, good-hearted and a great speaker. And isn’t it nice to have a black President? It shows how urbane and refined we Americans are.” As he slowly but surely drives this country into oblivion.

UPDATE 5/15/09: NATURALLY, “The Other McCain” is way ahead of me.  As soon as I finished this brilliant, inciteful and original post (he said sarcastically), I be-bopped over to his blog. And found that he had already said everything that there was to say about this. And with ten times more class. Oh well. Good to get confirmation that I am thinking along the right line.

Gutless Republicans who condemn talk radio hosts

Here’s to all you numb-nuts out there who call yourselves marklevin“conservative” or “Republican” but who attack the likes of Limbaugh, Hannity, Coulter, Levin, Malkin, Ingraham et al. ( Reason & Revelation has a perfect example of this.)  There are various reasons that you people attack them, but it all boils down to gutlessness. Ooooh, Rush has a popularity rating of 20% (as though you were back in the fraternity or sorority where popularity matters).  I don’t want to offend my Country Club buddies.  I want to retain my credibility as a reasoned, moderate principled conservative/Republican, not one of those fire breathing Neanderthals (such as John Doe).  Ooooh, Hannity isn’t perfect!  Ooooh! Malkin sometimes says mean things. 

So you attack them. You refuse to listen to them. You agree with the left when they attack them.  Because you are gutless. I dare say most of you have never listened to them, really listened for long periods of time. Seriously, do you think Fox News is any more biased than CNN or MSNBC? Do you ever hear the left attack CNN or MSNBC for being biased? Is Limbaugh more off the charts one way than Olbermann or Matthews is the other? The difference is that the left attacks our imperfect heroes and defends their own, while you ninnies refuse to attack the left and instead attack our own. Is Rush perfect? Hell no. But he fights.  He leads. He stands up for our side. So too the rest of them. While you sit in your golf carts or stand on your tennis courts at the Country Club and whine that our fighters aren’t perfect in every way.  You are spineless. Or you think somehow that makes you cool.  G-U-T-L-E-S-S.  To paraphrase General Patton, I would rather have a division of liberals in front of me than a whole army of you panzy Republicans behind me.