Kirby Porter, former Hanover Commonwealths’ Attorney, guilty of same misconduct as perpetrated by the prosecutors of Sen. Stevens?

chalkley_thumbIn deference to Kirby Porter’s recent death I have decided to delete this post entirely.  No reason to speak ill of the dead.  R.I.P. Kirby.

John Doe

23 responses to “Kirby Porter, former Hanover Commonwealths’ Attorney, guilty of same misconduct as perpetrated by the prosecutors of Sen. Stevens?

  1. Not much of a lawyer!

  2. Not sure where u got idea Trip Chalkey was a Democrat?!?!

    He’s a dues paying member of the Hanover County REPUBLICAN party! The Democrats usually don’t even run a slate for county offices in Hanover, it’s such a one-party bastion.

  3. I love it when something I wrote months ago goes semi viral! What is going on with Trip and or Kirby that is causing so many hits???

  4. JD…

    This is a P6 Porter…
    Not a Kirby Porter…

    Porters will be Porters…

  5. Truth in Justice

    I found this article very disheartning while reading about Kirby. Mr. Doe not sure how you could besmerch the name of Mr. Porter this way. Maybe you are not familiar with the Nationally recognized case where Mr. Porter cleared the name of a wrongly convicted man who spent 15 years in prison for a rape he did not commit. You may want to read the below link from The Innocent Commission and see who the prosecutor was in that case.

  6. Sorry he died. Don’t know how it is besmirching to report facts. Most people do some bad things and other good things during their life. I know I have. If he had been dead when I reported this I might not have reported it. But I can’t undo it now. May Mr. Porter rest in peace…

  7. Hey John Doe-sn’t know anything. When are you going to undo your statement that Trip Chaukley is a Democrat. Is this a website of information or disinformation. It’s not the party affliations that make them good or bad, it is the content of their character or lack there of one.

  8. Jim, Done. I should have known that. I lived in Hanover County when he ran in the primary against incumbent Kirby Porter. I just plead old age and feeble memory.

  9. I admire the way he went out. He did not commit homocide, nor involve others (except those who had to scrape up his corpse after a fall from a twenty-five story building). He jumped off the grand canyon and fell 250′ feet. What a way to check out!

  10. Thanks for the update, I am 47 and I think I have the same feeble memory. This is a great website/blog. I only found it through a search of K. Porter. After reading todays T-D sounds like he decide to punch his own card. Just sorry for the kids.

  11. SadinHanoverCounty

    I knew Kirby Porter well having worked with him for many years and I am truly shocked and sad that he is gone. In the courtroom, he showed compassion and empathy for the victims of the crimes he was prosecuting and he vigorously prosecuted the cases within his charge. Hanover County was fortunate to have had such a force in its judicial system. I realize not one of us knows what goes on behind the closed doors of others, but I absolutely cannot believe the allegations I’m reading in the Times Dispatch. Yes, the TD is allowed to publish these things, but in doing so, those who do not know Kirby, would definitely be slanted against him, which is not right. I’ve always known Kirby to be ethical and fair, both in the courtroom and out, and I will not allow the assertions in divorce proceedings to change my positive opinion of this man. That said, I do not appreciate the dramatic manner in which he chose to end his life because I believe it to be an affront to his children, though it certainly demonstrates the emotional pain he was suffering. I feel so badly for each of his children and trust, in time, with counseling and the support of those around them, they can work their way through this tragedy and come out on the other side whole and healthy.

  12. I don’t have a problem with someone punching their own ticket out. Hopefully, he had a big fat life insurance policy that was old enough that his heirs get paid despite the suicide. Used to be that any policy that had been in effect for more than a certain period, such as a year, paid out even if the person committed suicide.

  13. Hanover Resident

    I can only say that “SadinHanoverCounty” truly had not experienced Kirby Porter’s other side. While I take no joy in his death or in his family’s suffering, I can assure you, he needed to be out of the job of Commonwealth Attorney for Hanover County. My family experienced his kind of “justice” and I helped to defeat him and put a good man in his place. Again, I feel for his family and even for him. You don’t ever wish anything bad for anyone as God’s wrath will take care of it.

  14. Thanks to all for your comments. This is a disturbing event — suicide — I wonder why so many choose the Grand Canyon to end it all. Any insight? Pls leave comments at

  15. Defrauded in Hanover Court. Why ? Would a Court & a Sheriffs Office cover up a Crime Wave committed by a former Prostitute and Hanover native ? Why ? Did Hanover violate Due Process and the Prosecution of three (3) Felony crimes, committed by the former Prostitute ? Why, were the facts of the prostitution case SEALED by the State ? Why did the Victim have to get his Right to a Criminal Investigation from the U.S. Postal Investigations ? Three (3) years after the Fact ? What does this now Federally convicted Con Artist / Prostitute KNOW ? And WHO has something to HIDE in Hanover ? It can`t be Kirby Porter ? He`s already dead ! The time frame IS the same ? Someone knows the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth ! Who might that BE ?

  16. Just sorry for the kids? Tell me sorry to my face. I was seven when my father jumped off the Grand Canyon.

  17. Kirby was the prosecuting attorney on the retrial of Marvin Anderson and John Otis Lincoln of which I was a jury member. He was very professional. I came out of that with a high deal of respect for the man. I was surprised to hear of his death way back in the day. Judge Alderman presided over the trial and also won my respect. But hey that’ s what you get…submission to two privileged white dudes. You certainly can’t beat the system. As I said, submit and move on. Resistance is futile. HA~

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