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Could it be SHANA HIATT time?

A little Rule 5 action. Just ‘cuz I’m sick of looking at Colin Powell’s shana_hiatt_100

mug.  And because I can. This, folks, is why guys used to love the World Poker Tour so much!






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A tale of two men. Or why the Republican party should not go moderate.

Republican Colin Powell publicly endorses Barack Obama for colin%20powellPresident over John McCain.  He is hailed a hero by the MSM, and RINOs hold him up as a role model for what the Republican party should be “more like.” 

Zell-Miller-CDemocrat Zell Miller publicly endorses George W. Bush for President over Sen. Kerry. He is viciously attacked by both the MSM and the Democrats. Afterwards, did the Democrats sit around whining about how they were not being a big enough tent by kicking Miller to curb? Did the Democrats argue that they needed to move to the right, to be more moderate, in order to win the next Presidential election? HELL NO! They went further to the left than even that Senator from the People’s Republic of Massachusetts. They went out and got a radical community organizer and said to hell with going moderate.  The Pubs, meanwhile, went out and nominated the most moderate of all U.S. Republican Senators.  And he got his ass handed to him. Continue reading

Sometimes I am soooo cutting edge that I scare myself: MORE evidence of political payback in decision about which Chrysler dealerships get closed

022609oshitFor you liberals, it is called “thinking for yourself” instead of lapping up what the dailykos and HuffPo tell you to think.  Last week I posted about how a Republican Chrysler dealership owner that was discontinued was a Republican member of the U.S. House of Representatives.  I speculated that it was because he was a Republican legislator, not in spite of that fact.  

Now it turns out even more evidence is emerging that Chrysler dealerships were discontinued based upon their political affiliations. Supposedly, every single one of the owners of those dealerships that were discontinued were contributors to Republican campaigns.  See “Red Alert: Did anti-Obama political donations dictate which Chrysler dealerships got shuttered?”   This isn’t over. It hasn’t even begun yet.

Colin Powell is a coward

There is a reason why Colin Powell has much higher poll numbers than Rush Limbaugh.  Nobody knows what Powell stands for on any issue. Hard to disagree smellliberalsyw3with somebody like that.  That’s like asking you liberals out there who I know hate fear me whether you like me (an outspoken advocate of conservatism) or my wonderful wife better. She teaches pre-school and Sunday School and does volunteer work.  Without knowing anything about her, you and all the despicable moderates out there would choose my wife over me any day. Gutless moderates and hardcore liberals prefer the unknown to the devil they know. 

Just shuckin' and jivin'

Just shuckin' and jivin'

Nobody out there knows a damn thing about where Colin Powell stands on any issue. Except that he is against Rush Limbaugh (oooooh! It’s so brave to be against somebody with approval ratings in the 20s. not!), and he is for Obama (whose ratings are in the 60s).  Hmmm. What’s not to like? War vet, general, handsome, intelligent “moderate” who supports a popular President. But I’m sure he would start losing support from both sides when his positions became known on various issues. Course he is too cowardly to let his positions be known.  Sir, you’ve been sitting behind the lines far too long, letting others do the fighting for you. Engage. Get the hell to where the battle is raging. Then let’s see what you are made of. It’s easy to sit back and criticize those who are doing the fighting. You would find, if you weren’t so cowardly, that it isn’t so easy when you actually enunciate a position and then get attacked viciously by the liberals when they disagree with you. Coward.

[This is straight from Rush’s monologue today, but it is absolutely true.]

The problems with promoting a judge based on the color of his or her skin

I’ve seen first-hand how judges get promoted based on the color of their skin.  Here in the Richmond, Virginia area. First, one of the best Judges whom I have ever appeared before was black. He was Judge Randall Johnson (now deceased), Circuit Court for the City of Richmond. But there are others who are complete jokes. There are some white judges who are jokes, as well.

Granted, it would be awkward having all lily white judges in Richmond, a city with a population that has (I think) a black majority. The problem is that white lawyers out-number black lawyers something like 75-1 (I’m guessing). And that is the pool from which come judges.  So when a black judge is chosen, guess what my first reaction is? Affirmative action. That judge just happens to be the best candidate? And the last judge chosen was black, too? And just coincidentally, the few times that I appeared before some of them, they sure did not appear to be intellectual heavyweights (I’m being charitable).  Likewise, there is a white female judge nearby, who  judging by her ability as a judge was appointed solely because she has dirty pictures to blackmail somebody in very high places.  Continue reading

A white male would be better than a Latina woman for Supreme Court Justice

What do Latina women know? Housework and picking fruit? Leave Ku-Klux-Klanthe heavy thinking to the white males who made this country great. Perhaps one can aspire to be a nanny–if they promise not to steal the silverware. Now, you are probably thinking, “This proves, once and for all, that John Doe is a racist pig. And you would be right. If I was serious. But I am just parroting what Obama’s choice for Supreme Court Justice herself said, in reverse. A disclaimer: the quote is up on Drudge and links to the NYTs. I don’t go there out of principle. Something about getting polluted just by reading their lies and rubbish. So if she didn’t really say it, disregard this entire rant. But if she did she is a racist bitch. A RACIST FUCKING BITCH, who has absolutely no place on the Supreme Court of the United States. Period. End of story. I mean, she is in KKK-land.  That is what I would expect from some white dude wearing a hood and standing around a burning cross! Any white conservative male who said something like that in reverse would be automatically disqualified.  

 Here is the alleged quote from Drudge: “I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experience would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male…”  

Now, John, you might say, she is just standing up to the white good ole boys and elitists who frequent Harvard and Yale as 4th generation trust fund babies, and who grow up to be inside traders and back scratchers and overseers of the status quo, while looking out only for themselves and their friends and acquaintances. But that is not what she said. I am as disgusted and distrustful of such white males as she is. She just scooped us all up into one big racist bunch and pissed all over us.  Dumb bitch belongs in the kitchen, doing somebody else’s dishes.  Two can play this racist, mysogenist game, you likely to be carpet muncher. Whatever happened to “judging a man” [or woman] “by the content of his character instead of the color of his skin”?  You disgust me, you racist pig. Get the hell out of my country.