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Lipton T. Bagg

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I am a true Patriot – having honorably served my country in peacetime and at war. Now I serve her again by discrediting the dishonorable practices of Liberals, RINOs and bloated obtrusive Government.

What did you dream when you ate a spider while sleeping?

Having government-run health care rammed down my throat. Taste was similar, but the spider would have been OK with Tabasco.


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p.s. added by John Doe:  The ONLY negative that I’ve seen about Lipton is his poor judgment in hanging around with the wrong blogger crowd, if you know what I mean.  Who in their right mind would associate with John Doe?!!

19 responses to “About Lipton T. Bagg

  1. Books…What about Unintended Consequences by John Ross?

    And the new one…One Second After by William Forstner. It has quite the cult following and is a good book about the fallout after an EMP attack on the US.

  2. Oh yeah…I feel for you…living in CA. Used to live there myself, born and raised. Thank goodness we moved from there my senior year of HS to a little town in Western North Carolina. That was back in 1975. California was still a cool place to live back then.

  3. California is still a cool place to live. It’s not dysfunctional government – not the lands themselves – that makes living here so painful.

    I lived at Cherry Point for a while when my father was still USMC. I remember enjoying it there, and still have it on my “wanna get back there someday” list.

  4. Excuse me, it IS the dysfunctional….

    It’s been a long 3 days. I need alcohol and rest, then I’ll be fine….

  5. nice Bio…I enjoy your rantings very much !

  6. Lipton T. Bagg

    I’m glad to provide ranting as a public service. But please know, all who read my rantings, my bio is accurate.

    I ma a 5th generation soldier. My great- grandfather, grandfather, uncle and father all died due to combat-related injuries.

    I love my country as much as I love Ms. T. Bagg. I have nearly given my life twice for her. I still cry when I hear the National Anthem.

    I am an American who loves his country, and in this you will hear my deepest thoughts – albeit sometimes buried in a healthy layer of “pissed off”. But there is true love buried within…

    With Kindest Regards,

  7. Lipton T. Bagg

    And about that John Doe character, well, we all have our crosses to bear…..


  8. No, that wasn’t meant to be a smiley face, that was a sticking out tongue face…

  9. I love Braveheart and Tombstone.
    Old movies are so wonderful.
    I lived in Monterey, Cali. It is SO messed up the last time I was there.
    I was a volunteer at Fort Ord 7Th Infantry Division, Light Fighters Brigade, I won 2 awards during Persian Gulf War and Panama.
    I sing at the VA now where I live a few times a yr.
    This is me:

  10. The Matrix, yes. Is my #1 by far. And I must nominate “Kick Ass” for Top 3 all time….a clear-eyed, unapologetic beat-down of bad guys without anguish or judgment. Hit Girl for President.

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  12. LTB…
    Yah don’t recall dah,Gramps…?
    Hugs olde soldier…!

  13. Hell…I’m the olde, damn geezer soldier that wears fewer clothes during the winter in Wisconsin …than the “Naked cowboy” wears in Manhattan during the summer…
    I also ride my darn motorcycle in the woods over stumps and roots at three quarters of a century olde than you ever considered on smooth, asphalt at fifty…and yah fergot to include me…?
    Goes to show yah… the younger generation has no damn respect…atall…
    Hugs and “left ear”, Special Forces kisses, anywho…you jerk…!

  14. It’s past one year, LTB…
    That’s very close to max for TDY…
    I’ll say a soldier’s prayer

    Hey trooper…
    After fifty years I’ve even learned how to cry again…
    Hell… dah geezer is even watchin’ “chick flixs” on the satellite…at a quarter of a century olde…
    It’s actually very liberating…

    LTB wherever you are or aren’t…I shall always embrace your courage and strong heart…
    You were then and continue to be this day… in both our hearts and minds, the very finest and a very special soldier…


  15. Yup. We miss the Big Guy. I’ll drink a beer for him right now…

  16. Here it is…May 29, 2013 – 1533 – CDST
    That’s more than an extended period, to be incommunicado…!
    Olde soldier sends…

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