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Republican Senators: FIGHT Obama’s nominee to the Supreme Court!

Just because they are liberals. Liberals started this war. They made the new rules of engagement. Play by their rules, or get fucked.

Must read article by Ed Gillespie at the WaPo: “Republicans cannot accept the premise that it’s okay for liberals to vote against Supreme Court nominees who believe in a strict constructionist judicial philosophy but not okay for conservatives to vote against those who embrace empathetic activism on the bench.”

“The encroachment on executive prerogative is unfortunate, and its polarizing effect is unhealthy. But the shift in the balance of power from the presidency to Congress inherent in this approach is less troublesome than the inevitable leftward shift of our highest court if Republicans maintain the traditional standard while Democrats deploy an ideological one.”

Obama and Hitlery set the ground rules. Engage, Maverick. Engage! Republican Senators, you big lugs, take on his nominee or lose me forever.

Terminator: “Raise taxes or vee awl die!”

No, really.  Vee awl vill die. I can’t halp it. I married a Kennedy, for Christ’s sake. I am a RINO, but a socialist at heart. I’ll cut taxes. Ven hell freeze ofer. Beleef me, I know vat I am doing. Trust me. After awl, I am a body-builder (dat ist a jock for awl you pencil necks). And an actor. I act tough. But I am no Cleent Eastwood.

Global Warming–so hot our legislators don’t even have time to read the proposed Bill

“An idiotic, uninformed electorate eventually gets the representationG-GodBlessAmerica that they deserve.”  John Doe, May 20, 2009.

WASHINGTON — Democrats in the House Energy and Commerce Committee have taken a novel precaution to head off Republican efforts to slow action this week on a sweeping climate bill. They are hiring a speed reader.”

The world will come to an end if this bill doesn’t pass before Memorial Day. Or something like that.  “Never let a good crisis go to waste!”  Or, some cynics might say, this preposterous Bill doesn’t pass if legislators bother to read it and give their intelligent constituents enough time to digest it, and then to urge their representatives to vote against it.

The Armchair Generalist Moron

The Armchair Generalist gets the Smash Mouth's coveted Training Wheels for you dumb ass Blog of the week award. Nice going. Try learning to think before blogging any further.

The Armchair Generalist gets the Smash Mouth's coveted Training Wheels for you dumb ass Blog of the week award. Nice going. Try learning to think before blogging any further.

U.S. and Russian scientists have concluded that the missile defense system in Poland won’t work. Wink wink. It’s not needed yet to stop Iranian missiles, which are years away from having the capability to launch with nuclear warheads. And that is the only reason they are there, right next to Russia. Wink wink.  And, even when the Iranians can launch nukes, the missile defense system won’t stop them. Wink wink. Also, the missile defense system “could also be easily fooled by decoys and other simple countermeasures, the report concludes.” [Aha! So that’s why Putin hates them, and believes that they are bad because they will force a new arms races, as Russia will have to race to build their own missile defense system that does not work, and will have to build their own missile system to defeat this defense system that does not work. Wink wink.  And this report was joined by Russian scientists, too. Our friends. Wink wink. 

Since the missile defense doesn’t work, and they aren’t needed yet, and especially because the Russians are afraid of them, and want them removed because they do work, the Obama Administration has already caved in and will remove them. Because they don’t work. Wink wink.  And no I won’t even link to the blog comment that laps up this bullshit without thinking.  There is a reason that some people are “Progressives.”  It’s because they lack the ability to think critically. 😉

Vivian Paige stoops to new low (if that were possible)

And uses a Martin Luther King, Jr. quotation to support “GLBT Make_it_official!_Click_here_to_get_your_very_own_certificate_of_Debaptismequality” (what ever the hell that means).  Even that (alleged) serial womanizer never supported gay marriage.  What’s next? Using the Sermon on the Mount to argue in support of SSM? Is nothing too profane in your eternal quest to make the immoral moral? Hopefully, your father would roll over in his grave if he knew what an advocate you have become on behalf of the immoral.  But besides being profane, your post is idiotic. GLBT already have equal rights as the rest of us. None of the rest of us can marry whomever we choose, only those mates who fit within the general laws regarding marriage. Are you also in favor of underage marriages, polygamy and marriage to inanimate objects, and marriage to animals? If not, why are you so closed-minded? Pedophiles are people too.   You disgust me.

I’m almost certain that you were baptized earlier in life. The fact that your father was a preacher is my first clue. Here, PLEASE, copy yourself a Debaptism Certificate. Be as immoral as you choose. Ungodliness can be quite satisfying for awhile. I know from past experience.  But you going around advocating that what is sin is not sin, meanwhile calling yourself a Christian, or at least leaving some in doubt, is beneath contempt. At least admit that you are a godless heathen before you go around espousing such damnable ideas.

p.s. Ooops. Guess I’m not going to make next week’s “Weekly Influence Index.” 

p.p.s. I regret that I will be unable to make your Memorial Day bash. I’m sure I will be missed.

Craigslist getting screwed: IT IS NOT the job of private citizens running legitimate businesses to do the polices’ job for them

Andrew Cuomo, Democrat Attorney General of New York, is 1233603898216pandering again.  He is blaming Craigslist because some prostitutes use the service to obtain Johns. Prostitution in New Yawk? Say it ain’t so! What’s next? Illegal drugs?

Until Craigslist gets serious about putting real protections in place, it will continue to be an environment where criminal operations thrive with impunity,” Cuomo said.” Said the grandstanding guy who intends to run for the Senate seat vacated by Hillary Clinton. 

“According to Cuomo, RSE bookers [the hooker booking agency]would post ads on the site that contain pornographic images [which images are legal, pursuant to liberal Justices saying pornography is free speech] and a phone number to arrange a date with a prostitute [and we all know that there is no prostitution in New York but for Craigslist], and continuously post new listings to keep their ads prominently featured.” Continue reading

My parents were “the parents of no”

When I was 15, I wanted to drive the car before I was legally able. ObamaSocialistThey said no. I wanted to smoke and drink and stay out all night. They said no.  I wanted to swear, treat them with disrespect, and act like a juvenile delinquent. They said no. Thank God they cared enough about me to say “NO.”  

Hopefully, it does not take a genius to recognize that the adults sometimes have to tell the juveniles that they are not acting rationally, that their plans are silly, that they are not acting in the best interests of themselves, their family, friends and acquaintances, and anyone else that they might come in contact with and potentially harm.  Now, the Democrats and their lackeys out there are acting just like the juveniles that they are. They propose dumb ass ideas that are harmful, and then complain when the adults in the party of grown ups comes along and says no to their idiotic proposals.  They want to raise taxes to save the planet from global warming–based  on junk science. During a recession.  They want to socialize the automakers.  They want to spend trillions of dollars a year that we don’t have.  Please, dumb asses, come  up with a better slogan than “The Party of No.”  Or I will bitch slap you.  The Democrats are not the party of hope, they are the party of Santa Claus. Here, let’s take money from the rich, let’s take money that we don’t have, let’s mortgage our childrens’ future, and give gifts to our constituents. That’s the Democratic way.

Republican U.S. Representative from Florida losing his Chrysler dealership

Obama wouldn’t be so devious. Would he?  Rep. Vern Buchanan, 022609oshitVenice Florida.  It has been there 10 years, and typically has average sales of over 700 vehicles per year, more than twice the national average for Chrysler dealerships.  What “proof” do I have that this is politically motivated from the Obama Administration? None. But Obama surely would if he could. And he can. That is the problem with allowing the Government to control private businesses. The Obama Administration is out of control.  They had the G.M. of General Motors fired.  And don’t give me this shit about how George Bush started it. He gave them money. Obama is taking their business and converting it to a business owned by his union supporters and the U.S. Government. This is just an outrage, and most sheeple don’t even care.