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RINOS–Compromise means us never having to

Benedict Arlen, Olympia Snowe, and Susan Collins sold their party rino3out by voting for the “stimulus package.” Without their votes, the Democrats would have had to compromise and actually engage in bi-partisanship. The Republicans could have had enormous bargaining power. Instead of a few scraps thrown in the Pelosi plan as sops for the three RINOs, the Democrats would have had to actually negotiate with Republicans, and give up s0me of their pork.  But no, those three sold out their party.  And now they try to paint the rest of the Republican as the bad guys. 

Let’s be clear about one thing. Arlen Specter did not switch parties because “the Republican party left him.”  He left because he abandoned his party, and so the Republican voters in Pennsylvania abandoned him.  It was this one vote on the stimulus package which caused him to lose support in vast numbers.  And he knew before he made the vote that Republicans were overwhelmingly opposed to him voting in favor of the package. Yet he did it anyway.

Let’s assume for the sake of argument that Specter honestly believed that voting for the “Stimulus Package” was the right thing to do.  When only two other members of your party agree with you, it is reasonable to at least consider the possibility that you could be wrong. It is also reasonable to consider that perhaps you should compromise your beliefs for the greater good of the party. After all, it was not as if the “Stimulus Package” in some form would not have passed. Rather, the package would have been modified with Republican input. We had the Democrats by the shorthairs, and those three arrogant know-it-alls thought that they would come along and let the Democrats off the hook. Because they knew better than all their constituents, than all the other elected officials in their party.

I’ve read many articles about the Specter defection, and how RINOs are blaming it on the Republican Party being too right-wing. But I believe the two most important articles are at Ace of Spades “What on earth is JPod talking about” and “Patterico’s Pontifications” in “What we can learn from Specter the Defector.”  Both are reasonable, and will appeal to RINOs and hard right wingers such as myself. So long as the RINOs do not go in with the attitude that the right-wing Republicans have to bow down and kiss the RINOs and moderates’ asses. “Big tent” works both ways, you arrogant bitches. “Big tent” instead to RINOs and moderates seems to mean “vote for us on our issues/candidates, and we’ll screw you on your issues/candidates.” You can only fuck us so many times before we finally say enough is enough, get the hell out and go be a thorn in the Democrats’ sides instead of ours. Continue reading

The Swine flu bugged me

I spent the majority of my lunch in the public library.  Every time somebody coughed, I wondered if I was being exposed to the swine flu. One little kid was coughing her fool  head off, fifteen feet away.  One guy let out a huge sneeze, and everybody looked over at him. I avoided the newspapers–too many gooey hands have been fondling them today and read periodicals instead.  I rushed back to my office and washed my hands, wondering if somebody with the disease had read the things that I read. And washed my hands immediately. I’d say they have created quite a “crisis” for ole Rahm to manage. Not bad for one single person dying in America so far. We are all doomed. “Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we may die.”

Specter to Republicans: I’ll be a Pub if you do what I want, when I want it

Imagine if the Redskins drafted a WR who fancied himself a s5000029NYG. But he said “Ok, I’ll be a ‘Skin. But when the game is on the line, if you want to run it up the middle, and I want to you to pass to the WR, you have to do what I say. Either pass to me, as I say, or I will yell out to the other side and tell them what you are doing.  And I will help tackle the dumbshit who runs it up the middle, if possible. But hey, you  can’t do anything about it. I’m a Redskin, after all. I’m your wide receiver. I’m a Redskin. You can’t stop me. My name is Arlen Specter, WR out of Pennsylvania, class of __.  No, wait. I have no class.

Not sure even my wife or my son know this about me

When I was a kid, my nickname was “moot.” A couple of cousins still call me this, when I see them.  It’s a play on my first name, and I believe my father started it. No, I did not start fourchan, and no, I am not Time Magazines most influential person of the year.  But I  had the nickname first.

The next best thing to Arlen Specter dying

is having the gutless piece of shit officially join the Democrats.  The imagesdifference between him and Joe Lieberman is that Lieberman kept his principles and took his beating in the primaries like a man, then ran as an independent. Lieberman now sides mostly with the Democrats, because he is a natural Democrat on almost all issues except national security.  He has principles, and stuck to them.  Specter has no principles. When he saw he was going to get his ass handed to him in the primaries, for pure political expediency he suddenly changed into a Democrat. Why? Because Democrats will elect him Senator, and Republicans wouldn’t. Good riddance you piece of shit. It will be funny seeing how the Democrat partisans suddenly start saying nice things about a Republican Senator.

The Re-Distributor in Chief is stealing G.M. and giving it to his union thug buddies

The Obamanation Administration forced the old general manager tounion-thugs11 resign.  Now the new management team is trying to give ownership in the company to the union and to the government, and to screw the lenders who invested their money in General Motors.

This quote has it exactly right: “Calling the proposal ‘neither reasonable nor adequate,’ an ad hoc committee of GM bondholders said it believed ‘the offer to be a blatant disregard of fairness for the bondholders who have funded this company, and amounts to using taxpayer money to show political favouritism of one creditor over another’.”

This is Obama using our tax dollars to buy General Motors and give it to his supporters, the United Autoworkers’ Union.  The union was at least half the problem why G.M. is in this mess to start with–inept management being the other half. To reward the union for running this company into bankruptcy

Armchair Generalist, I got your ridiculous hypothetical right here

276813atoy-soldier-postersFor those who don’t get out much into the real world, but who like to pretend that they are knowledgable about how the world works:  Here is what Armchair Generalist, that guy who likes to play at war games, had to say on his pathetic little blog:

“And as for the ridiculous hypotheticals like ‘what if we had bin Laden and he knew where the terrorist nuclear bomb was hidden inside the United States,’ really, people who voice this as a serious argument ought to just be ridiculed.”

Well, here’s a quote from a guy who wasn’t just playing war games, he was fighting in the war on terror. 

“[F]ormer CIA Director (and Bill Clinton appointee) George Tenet writes in his memoir, “At the Center of the Storm,” about the CIA interrogation of 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed:

“I believe none of these successes [in foiling terrorist plots] would have happened if we had had to treat KSM like a white-collar criminal — read him his Miranda rights and get him a lawyer who surely would have insisted his client simply shut up. In his initial interrogation by CIA officers, KSM was defiant. ‘I’ll talk to you guys,’ he said, ‘after I get to New York and see my lawyer.’ Apparently he thought he would be immediately shipped to the United States and indicted in the Southern District of New York. Had that happened, I am confident that we would have obtained none of the information he had in his head about imminent threats to the American people.”

“Mr. Tenet continues: “From our interrogation of KSM and other senior al Qaeda members . . . we learned many things — not just tactical information leading to the next capture. For example, more than 20 plots had been put in motion by al Qaeda against U.S. infrastructure targets, including communications nodes, nuclear power plants, dams, bridges and tunnels.'”

Who should be ridiculed? You can believe a pathetic little blogger who only plays at war games, or you can believe a guy who actually was in a position of authority over the interrogations. I know where my ridicule is going to be directed…