Daily Archives: May 5, 2009

This guy gets it.

Rarely do I agree 100% with what somebody says, but I agree with this guy. Somebody should write a book, “Liberals are from Venus, Conservatives are from Mars” or something like it. Before we can communicate, we have to know where the other side is coming from.

GWB supposedly violated the Constitution by tapping the phones of suspected terrorists

in an attempt to keep America safe.  Liberals went apeshit. Now, Obama tries to violate the Constitution in an attempt to give steal Chrysler from its creditors and hand it  to the U.A.W. as a political favor.  Does Obama’s actions  bother the liberals? Not so much. When the Chicago Thug does it, it can’t be unconstitutional, doncha know?

Message for Dumbass Little Dougie Mataconis

Earth to retard: I wouldn’t have queers around my children, either. 1238782053414Here is the issue: IF you had morals (a dubious proposition, I know), and if you were heterosexual and man enough to father children (ditto), then you might feel differently if someone who flagrantly violated your morals was around your children. Would you want thieves, those who abused animals, or who abused their spouses, around your children? IF you would you are dumber than even I thought.

I know, I can hear your pathetic little whine already: “But homosexuality is not immoral (in Little Dumbass Dougie’s opinion), and theft, animal and spousal abuse is.”  So, all you are really saying is that you disagree with Joe the Plumber about whether homosexual behavior is immoral. You would have no problem keeping your children from pedophiles, necropheliacs and rapists (at least I HOPE you wouldn’t–otherwise, run don’t walk to the nearest vascectomy provider).  So at least  you agree with him about keeping your children away from those whom you consider to be immoral.

In the end, you think Joe The Plumber is an “idiot” at least in part because he doesn’t agree with Little Dougie Dumbasses’ idea of morality. Isn’t that special? Everybody agree with The Dumbass, or they are an idiot. Did they teach that “logic” in that on-line law school you attended, dipshit? God you are pathetic.