The moral ambiguity of the Obama Administration

And the left in general. Allowing a madman who has nuclear-explosionrepeatedly threatened to wipe Israel off the map is the moral equivalent to Israel giving up conquered lands in the false hope that the Palestinians and the other camel jockeys and ragheads will then let Israel live in peace. 

And let me be the first to say it: Obama will not succeed in keeping the Iranians from obtaining nuclear weapons. And they are close. That would take a “preemptive strike” and we all know what liberals and squishy moderates think about “preemptive strikes.” They would rather wait until Iran obtains nukes, and uses them, before doing a damn thing about it. And once Iran obtains nuclear weapons, the same liberals (and squishy moderates) won’t do a damn thing to stop them from doing anything with them. That would be too costly. Too many lives would be lost. Nope, we are stuck with  having Iranian mad men–men who believe it is Allah’s will that they obtain nukes and use them to wipe Israel off the map–obtain weapons of mass destruction.  Can you say Armageddon? Oh, well, at least we will have “peace in our time” under Mr. Obama. Won’t we, Mr. Neville Chamberlayne?

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