Tim Tebow’s girlfriend bikini

Time for a little Rule 5 action.


Who CARES if she isn’t really his girlfriend? She’s hot. And if  you google Tim Tebow’s girlfriend her name pops up!

7 responses to “Tim Tebow’s girlfriend bikini

  1. LOL … pure Rush style family values “conservative” blog

  2. Typical idiot democrat. Let me guess, yer queer?

  3. If the dhimmicrats keep going, she will be in a burka soon enough. Just kidding. they will be honored in statues like this http://www.flickr.com/photos/55569036@N00/2467518105/

  4. That’s not Tebow’s girlfriend. That’s a British model named Lucy Pinder.

  5. mail me lying photos of her. lying completely on ground with her hands down so that her elbow can be seen. i just want to see her in lying position with her full arms.

  6. Ken, are you actually that stupid that you CANNOT READ? It states CLEARLY, that this is not his g/f…what an asshole…yep, you too virginiadem…


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