Cults in the Martial Arts (and Elsewhere)

Marc “Animal” MacYoung’s Cults in the (Martial Arts) World is a thing of beauty and “sense”, as befits his whole great site No-Nonsense Self-Defense.  Real-world, no-bullshit information that we should be teaching our children (and ourselves).

Note the universal application of his description of cults and cult-like behavior:

When it comes to cults, there is nothing simple about them. Cults have incredibly complex business/interpersonal/marketing/spiritual /psychological dynamics. However, there is one overriding element, making money.

There are many other great articles there.  Surf around and sample.  You might start with Self-Defense Explained.

(h/t In Mala Fide)


8 responses to “Cults in the Martial Arts (and Elsewhere)

  1. Thanks fer that NV!

    Gramps rules, fer fightin’…

    First Rule: Never bring a knife to a gunfight unless yah bring a loaded gun along too…
    Second Rule: </b?There are no rules…
    Last rule: Never, ever fight fair; you’re sure to lose if you do…and probably die too…!


  2. AT LAST, something Gramps and I agree upon….

  3. Thanks, John…!

  4. Damn you NeoVic! I spent over THREE hours that I didn’t have reading that stuff.

  5. Yes, me too. I had to cut myself off at MacAnimal’s site at six articles per day. Good stuff! Not to mention the other link to In Mala Fide. That blog is also worth spending some time perusing.

  6. JD…three hours yah didn’t have…NV yah cut yer self off…?

    Hell gents, the US Army spent six years teachin’ me how to break things and kill people with very, limited external support…for no especially good purpose…!

    I’d say…consider you intellectual adventure on the internet a baptism, with a gentle hand, placing warm water on yer two, fuzzy noggins with a soft, wet rag…

    But, say hey…
    Any survival knowledge, is a whole lot better than no damn, ‘effen, clue…atall…!

    BTW: You’d be very well served; to heed my early suggestion[s] to have yer weapons mounted with with sighting, lasers for both offensive and defensive purposes…[in low light conditions, when you can’t acquire a good “sight picture”] they’re mandatory…

    Gramps sends all the very best…!

  7. Hey, hey…are you gents in yer “cups” or will you have a conflicting response or an agreeable conplictualization…

    Jer ner comprom pah…?

  8. Gramps, my survival methods are less than ideal. If some fuck breaks into my home I’ll shoot him. Shot gun. Three fifty seven mag. Son’s .380. Even my ought six, don’t matter. But if he twitches, I’ll shoot him again. Other than that, I just try to avoid pissing off crazies.

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