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Christine O’Donnell’s standards are not liberal standards

First, for the record, I support her even if she sleeps around with a different man every night and cheated the I.R.S.  I am tired of Republicans shooting their candidates for minor indiscretions while for Democrat politicians major scandals are resume’ enhancers for support amongst Democrats.

Timothy Geithner is a tax cheat, but Democrats said he was too important, he was the only one with unique skills, not to become Treasury Secretary.   Christine O’Donnell had a tax lien put on her house, which is not illegal, and it was paid off.   Joe Biden cheated during his higher education.  Bill Clinton smoked pot and visited the U.S.S.R. and “loathed the military.  Christine O’Donnell had to wait several years to get her actual diploma until she paid off her bills.  [True personal story: Goodrich High School withheld my diploma because I owed money for breaking a window–my dearly departed father found out and paid the money or I never would have received an actual diploma.]   

In the past, Christine O’Donnell spoke out against masturbation.  Bill Clinton practiced the art of masturbation with a cigar and an intern.  Christine O’Donnell paid some of her rent with campaign funds, while running her H.Q. out of her residence.   Barney Frank had a brothel in his residence, and Rangel failed to declare income from his several residences. 

Christine O’Donnell erroneously claimed to have won some districts when she ran against Biden.  Bill Clinton lied under oath.  Christine O’Donnell is “kooky” for claiming that she needed to hide her true residence because of stalkers.  Hillary Clinton is a hero for standing up to the “vast right-wing conspiracy.” 

To all you liberals (and RINOs) out there using any of these claims against her, I say in advance “Fuck You” you hypocrites.  It won’t work with me.  Now, I don’t want to get too emotionally invested.  She’s an unknown quantity and might break our hearts. But she could not be anywhere near as bad as that communist P.O.S. that is her Democrat opponent.


Best Book Review, Ever

If you haven’t yet, this time really do read the whole thing.  Really.

Leon H. Wolf reviews Meaghan McCain’s Dirty Sexy Politics.  I will say my reading of Ms. McCain’s previous, er, works had me to believe that her book did not hold much promise.  However, I can only stand in awe as Mr. Wolf does his job.  A couple of clips:

It is impossible to read Dirty, Sexy Politics and come away with the impression that you have read anything other than the completely unedited ramblings of an idiot.  This being a professional website for which I have a great deal of respect, I searched for a more eloquent or gentle way to accurately phrase the previous sentence – but could not find one.

(pause to wipe coffee off monitor…)

Were this a book from any other author, I might at this point be lamenting the fact that the author had an important message that would sadly be lost due to her horrible communication skills. Not so with Meghan McCain. Meghan’s primary goal in writing Dirty, Sexy Politics appears to have been to show off her encyclopedic knowledge of who was wearing what clothes on what occasion. From all appearances, it is physically impossible for Meghan McCain to describe a given scene or occurrence without describing in detail what everyone in the room was wearing (and how their hair was done), most especially including herself. I stopped counting the number of times she informed me that she was wearing UGG boots on a given occasion at five. Dirty, Sexy Politics is 194 pages long; if you removed the descriptions of outfits and hairstyles so-and-so wore when such-and-such was going on, I doubt it would have scraped 120 pages.  I wish I could say the preceding sentence was gross hyperbole, but if you have made it this far in this review, you deserve the truth: it isn’t.

A review that will live on as long as some form of English is still read by our distant ancestors.

R.I.P. John Doe

This is what I want in my obituary…

John Doe, h/t Jonah Goldberg

“If only he had gotten this angry at Democrats during the Bush years”

Rush Limbaugh on Karl Rove going nuts against Christine O’Donnell. Rush likes and respects Rove–Rove even hosted the Rush Limbaugh Show.  And Rush said, “He never asked these questions of Democrats…Where is this anger against Democrats?…We never heard about Ted Kennedy’s character…or Barack Obama’s, and he’s single-handedly destroying America…Or Joe Biden’s plagiarism? Why all this concern for Christine O’Donnell’s ‘character?'”  Rush Limbaugh is on a roll!


9/11 Bud Commercial

h/t our good buddy Darth Venomous at Spatula City!


“Swords of Delaware”? More like “How to Support RINOs for Dummies”

Want to find all the excuses reasons for supporting a RINO, establishment backed candidate versus a conservative in the primary?  Look no further than DocZero’s “Swords of Delaware” piece in the Green Room at Hot Air.  Or, I’ll just condense his excuses reasons for supporting the Establishment RINO here for you:

1.  He (the RINO) is better than the Marxist Democrat opponent.  As we used to say in grade school–“No shit Sherlock.”  This excuse applies to every Republican primary except maybe the one where David Duke ran as a Republican. 

2.     She (the conservative candidate) is behind in the polls for the general election.  That’s what they said about Reagan.  Sure, O’Donnell is no Reagan.  But they are just that, polls.  The good people of Delaware now have a real choice between real “change” and maintaining the status quo.

2A.   Her conservative stance on most issues won’t do any good if she loses.  Oh, puhleese.  As if his liberal views would do us any good if he won? How did that whole Jim Jeffords Arlen Specter thing work out for the Republican party? We ran the RINO in the last presidential election and look where it got us. 

3.  Every race is different, aka “Conservatives can’t win in Blue States.”  That’s what they said about Reagan. 

4.  “The nuts and sluts” defense.  Oh, come on, DocZero, you did it in such a gentlemanly manner, but you did it.  Linking to other sites that made the case more forcefully is just the cowardly man’s way out.  She has mispoken.  She took too long to get her degree. She doesn’t have enough money. Blah blah blah, did I miss any?  Frankly, I’m tired of rich legislators who believe that they know best how I should run my life.  I want a young, hungry legislator who will listen to the people who elected her instead of being led around by all the other rich people in Washington.  If she doesn’t work out, send another, and another, until we find one who works for the people. 

5.  She has no “significant legislative experience.”  Neither did Reagan before he ran for Governor.  Or Mark Warner or Jim Webb of Virginia.  At the very least, she has not been part of the problem.  And see 4 above. 

In the final analysis, DocZero is either a RINO/”ruling class” supporter, which I doubt, or a spineless quitter who wants to surrender before the fight even begins.   If you support conservatism, support conservative candidates.   They said the exact same things about Marco Rubin during his primary–he could not win the general election—but now he is way ahead in the polls.  Americans want change, real change, come November.  People who supported Castle do not want change, they just want to regain power.  They are no different from huge corporations who hedge their bets and donate to both parties: they don’t care who wins, because there isn’t a dimes worth of difference between a RINO and a Democrat. 

Shame on you, Doc.  I thought better of you.

John Doe

Christine O’Donnell, Republican Litmus Test

Litmus paper does not make a solution alkaline or acidic, it merely reveals such in the solution.  Christine O’Donnell doesn’t make a person a RINO or a conservative, but a person’s reaction to her candidacy reveals a lot about where they really are on the political scale.

Look at the shitstorm that has erupted over the primary election in a little state that nobody cares about in the fight over who will temporarily hold down Joe Biden’s son’s seat.  You thought Karl Rove was conservative?  Karl Rove is acting as if it were Armageddon and as if O’Donnell is the Anti-Christ.  You thought the yahoos at Hot Air were conservative? Observe the public trashing of O’Donnell, disguised with a little fruit of the whine (“she’s unnnnnnnEEEEEEEEEElectable!”).  The frat boys at NRO chimed in, “He’s not so liberal”!  Powerline chimed in, “She’s not perfect so vote for the RINO!”

Steady boys, steady!  They’ve been saying the same things about conservatives since at least 1976 when Reagan lost in the primaries to Gerald Ford. Reagan, all the pompous asses told us, was too conservative to win the general election.   Ford’s primary win brought us the Jimmy Carter “malaise years.”  Reagan beat the next RINO candidate, Bush I, and went on to win in a landslide twice.   The pompous asses were wrong.

The same pompous asses who said that Scozzafava would make a fine Congresswoman–just before she showed her true colors and supported the Democrat. The same pompous asses who supported support Charlie Crist in Florida.  And Murkowski.  Those pompous asses always oppose the conservative candidates.   They always have a sophisticated sounding reason.  They opposed Reagan.  They can’t help it. That’s who they are.  That’s why they oppose Mike Castle in Idaho.   And Joe Miller in Alaska.  And Rand Paul in Kentucky.  And J.D. Hayworth in Arizona. And Marco Rubio in Florida.

Don’t look now my conservative brethren, but the Republican party is infested with the enemy.  Oh, they’ll tell you to your face that they support the conservative cause. Give them your money, they’ll say, and they’ll support conservative candidates for you, as they siphon money to their RINO buddies.  When their RINO buddies lose, they either endorse the Democrat opponent (Scozzafava), run as an “independent” (Crist) or try to run as a write-in candidate or curry favor with Libertarian Party or as a write-in candidate (Murkowski).  But one thing pompous asses will never do is support the conservative candidate.

Carl Rove’s uncharacteristic rant against O’Donnell is a Toto- pulling-back-the-curtain moment.   Observe closely, Dear Conservative Brethren.  This is how they really feel.  They know more than the great un-washed who is and who isn’t fit for governing.  And you better damn well listen to them or they will throw a hissy fit and quit and take their ball home.  Or join the other team. 

This is who they are. They are liberals who have somewhat more moderate positions than actual liberals. But they are cut from the same cloth. They have no morals, no scruples, no principles.  They use conservatives the way liberals use blacks, single women, the uneducated, the mindless and other assorted miss-fit groups to get elected. 

When a real conservative gets elected to actual office, do they support him? They try to change him, give him some of the inside the beltway boozing and schmoozing.  And ever notice how they treat Sen. Jim DeMint? He’s treated as a pariah in the Senate.  They couldn’t change him so they try to marginalize him, and they shun him. 

We are at war for our country.  Unfortunately, we cannot trust some of those in the trenches beside us.  They don’t really want us to win.  They want us and the liberals to all kill each other so that they can pick up the pieces and have a liberal-lite form of government. Don’t trust them. And don’t turn your backs on them or you might get a bayonet in the back.

John Doe