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The Shady Bunch

Some things are too good NOT to steal.  From Moonbattery. J.D.

Right Network

Have you experienced it yet?

The next-gen of Right sites.  Highly recommended.

A Time to Chill

I am about to begin seven or eight hours of heavy intellectual lifting (Why, you ask?  Because it’s there).  Before that, let us sit and reason together, hoist a symbolic Cold One, and chill:

Founding Bloggers provides us with this very amusing footage from the Right Nation event of Andrew Breitbart rhetorically taking some hopeychangey union thugs apart, baby.

“Name one thing he (Beck) said that’s hateful.  One!”

“I’m not going to fall into your trap!” (hehe, as Breitbart said, “You have no idea why you’re here!”).

(h/t The Other McCain)

*** *** ***

More chillin’ news:

George Will:  The Earth Doesn’t Care.  I don’t either.  There are a million barrels a day of American oil sitting here in Alaska waiting to be pumped, that could replace oil we’re buying from Hugo Fucking Chavez.  Get your head out of that windmill, Mr. President!

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Best tramp stamp evuh!:

Have a great day.