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The Delusions of Mankind

Ah they are many, but few as amazing as this:

Capsule:  Prison psychologist bangs “Bloods” gang-banger prisoner in multiple bouts of incandescent concupiscence.  Caught lying about it, she is sentenced to six months, but hubby writes to judge she “was the perfect picture portrait of an ideal citizen.”  In explaining her “loss of judgment,” Spitz said his wife was grieving over the death of her brother and that he was unavailable to her due to working long hours at the office.

Well, one could say this picture perfect ideal citizen should have stuck to banging the pool boy or the drunk next door, in which case it would not be a criminal matter, but her brother died. So banging a gangster seems entirely understandable.

(This oldie but goody found at Roissy)


The Insurgency

Michael J. Lotus (aka Lexington Green over at Chicago Boyz) writes on The Insurgency, “a description of the current crisis in American life.”  Places the Tea Party in a historical context with other big American political movements.  Great stuff!

It reminded me of something I read awhile back by some whiny liberal bitch about how the Tea Party was like the Jacksonian Democrats, who “helped keep slavery in place for another 30 years.”  In other words,  “they’re all raaaaacists!”

I wish I could find that one to link but I think it was in a dead tree newspaper I found at the airport.  Not only did it betray a fundamental misunderstanding of the Tea Party, it betrayed a fundamental misreading of history.

There are a couple of points in common between the Tea Partiers and the Jacksonians.  First, both were tired of the government being controlled by and run for the benefit of rich (coastal) elites that live along the Washington-Boston axis and went to the “right” schools.

Second, both Andy Jackson and the Tea Partiers will only take so much bullshit before they will, literally or figuratively, kick your ass.


Bikini Blogging

There used to be a site called Everything Bikini:  The Bikini Blog by a really cool lady named Tricia.  Sadly, the blog was taken down around the end of 2009.

Luckily, I have a memento to share with SMP readers.  Tricia, wherever you are now, we still admire you!


And you thought you were having a bad day…

Bonus points if you are secure enough in your manhood to admit that she looks kind of hawt.  I’m not.


p.s. cue an old war story from Gramps about his experiences with trannys in3, 2, 1.