Daily Archives: September 10, 2010

Detroit Lions over da Bears

For those of you who are of the gambling pursuasion, take the Lions as the dog on the road against da Bears.  I know, you haven’t been watching the Lions and they are perennial losers who haven’t won on the road since the Carter Administration.  THAT’S why you read Smash Mouth, for insight that nobody else can provide!  Lions D will “bend, not break” while the Lions O will break, not bend. 

Added bonus: Quote of the day from coach Jim Swartz!

[Regarding the great winning percentage on road games while he was a coach of the Tenn Titans]  “We didn’t win on the road because we knew how to pack a suitcase or we knew how to check into our hotel or how to get on the bus and go to the stadium. We won because we had good players that were well coached that fit well in the scheme, and we played hard every Sunday. And when we do that, we’ll win on the road here.”

Detroit. Is. Just. Better. Than. da Bears.


Burn a Koran Part III

How long until those liberals who oppose a flag burning Amendment support a ban on burning the Koran?

The reports of all the copy-cat burners of the Koran make my heart proud. This is America.  We protest because we can.  We put up with kooks, because we can.  If we don’t like it, we don’t behead them.  If you don’t like it and try to behead them, we will kill you. 

U-tube is reportedly being barraged by new videos of the Koran being burnt, and is taking them off as fast as they appear.  Here is the only one I could find. Get it while it is still available.

Inside Barry O’s head (The Alleged Hawiian), as he grits his teef: “They are burning the Holy Koran!  I want to behead them. No, Barry, you can’t let America see how much this pisses you off!  Listen to your agnostic mother on this one.  It’s no big deal!  Yes it is!  I want them dead!”

How could someone make this more offensive?  Bacon wrapped fried Koran?  Dog piss fired Koran? Get a naked apostate Muslim woman to burn it?   All ideas are welcome!