Daily Archives: September 13, 2010

Are blacks dumber than other demographic groups?

People in every other group or classification, whether classified by age, sex, ethnicity, region and/or political persuasion are deserting “The Won” in droves.  But not blacks.  Some people never learn.  From the L.A. Times

“A whopping 95% of black voters cast their ballots for the president in 2008. Their support has held more strongly than any other demographic group.”

Okay, there is an equally sinister conclusion that can be drawn–one that is more likely the correct explanation.   Blacks are raaaaacist.  [Oooops, can I say that on-line any more? Apologies if I can’t.]  Oh, you can dress it up as racial pride or rooting for the first black president to succeed so that America will not balk at electing the next one, or the one after that.  But that is horse crap.    It’s racism, pure and simple. 

Blacks would not be clinging in support to B. Hussein Obamster like leeches if he were a white female, or worse, a white male.  They would be doing what people in every other demographic group are doing: admitting that they were hoodwinked, that he is not up for the job, and eagerly anticipating the next presidential election.  The fact that Obama is an abject failure is not a reflection on blacks as a group, it is a reflection on inexperienced socialist community agitators.   Well, and on the judgment of those who fell for his schtick.  Some of us saw this failure coming from the beginning.

John Doe