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Is this how it’s going to happen?

Christine O’Donnell has won the Republican primary in Delaware. Karl Rove was interviewed on Hannity, where he bad-mouthed O’Donnell, apparently she has problems. Well don’t they all?

Castle has been in DC since I was in diapers; does anyone actually believe this man even remembers what Conservative values mean?

O’Donnell is a neophyte that can’t possibly be elected. Well, we have heard that before haven’t we.

The blogosphere has been on fire lately about this race, much to my surprise, it seems it will be the determining senate seat.       

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O’ Donnell wins Primary in Delaware.

According to Drudge and Fox news, as well as CBS News, Christine O’ Donnell wins the Republican Primary for the Senate seat vacated by Joe “Bite Me” Biden after he became our Vice Idiot in Chief.

Already the pundits are coming out and trying to trash her victory. Now on to November. The Republican establishment is running scared, as well they should be. The Republican party has already stated that they won’t give O’ Donnell any support. I’m thinking that the establishment Republican party is cutting it’s nose off to spite it’s face.


Justice Stephen Breyer’s an Idiot.

Well folks, Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer made an appearance on morning “trash TV”, ABC’s ” Good Morning America”. In an interview with George Stephanopoulos, where Breyer was promoting his new Book*, he said that he didn’t think burning the Koran fell under the free speech clause of the Constitution. Let me wrap my head around this…You mean to tell me Justice Breyer that burning a Bible or an American flag is considered free speech, but burning the Koran, an evil book by any stretch of the imagination is not considered free speech? What kind of law school did you go to, Caracas, Venezuela University of Law? Almost has a Chavezian ideology, don’t you think?

* Since I don’t promote Leftist literature, if you want to know the title of Breyer’s new book, go to CBS News .com

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On Manning Up and Growing a Spine

Via Dan Riehl’s place, Jennifer of Cubachi points us to a very amusing article on the FL-22 Congressional race between Lt. Col Allen West and some Ruling Class dude:

“When John Paul Jones was asked to surrender, he said, ‘I have not yet begun to fight,'” West said of the Revolutionary War naval commander. “So if I were to say that to you today, then I guess tomorrow Ron Klein would say, ‘He wants to hurt me. He wants to fight me.’ So, you know, tell him to man up.”

That hit where it hurts, as far as I’m concerned.  After Sen. Jim Webb (D – VA) the list of nationally known men in the Democratic party gets mighty short, in my view.  Since I happened to be trolling around the Lefty Webosphere yesterday (so you don’t have to) I found a quote that resonated nicely:

More to the point..the left needs to grow a goddamn spine. Obviously civility doesn’t work — go forth and kick ass!

Yes, I’m sure that the dude who wrote that got a quivering-up-the-leg thrill from his tough talk, then took a nice big bong hit and felt pretty good about himself.

Let’s do a thought experiment.  What would the Left growing a “goddamn spine” actually look like?  What would be the manifestation of a Leftist goddamn spine in the real world, as opposed to the fantasy world of the Web?  The American Left constantly proclaims its abhorrence of weapons and, ultimately, testosterone.  It also has a paucity of combat veterans, if I’m any judge.  So if growing a “goddamn spine” means writing more strident blog posts kicking Obama/Reid/Pelosi’s butt, that’s probably feasible.  If it means voting in an even more leftist set of officials than we have now, in what is essentially a center-right country, it is doubtful.  If it means some kind of to-the-barricades “direct action” it’s just a goddamn joke.  In America, the Right has got the guns, baby, and the Left ain’t going to be growing the kind of spine to take that on, not in this universe.


Inés Sáinz Rule 5 Tuesday (epic butt woman)

So Inés Sáinz, a “reporter,” was following the Jets practice, and she was the topic of some unwanted attention of some sort, even reportedly from Coach Ryan.  So she says she “does not plan to sue” for the harassment.  Well, that’s a perfect reason to use her photos for a little Rule 5 action.   Youse guys here at Smash Mouth would never stoop to harassing her, wudja?

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BlogCon Blues

For those of us who could not be there, John Hawkins has the photos and inside scoop. J.D.

Mary Katherine Ham via RightWingNews