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While you are reveling in Christine O’Donnell’s victory, the left is assassinating her character

The left never sleeps nor slumbers. They know this is war.  Beating the RINO and the Republican Establishment was quite an accomplishment, but here is a clue:  They are the bush league compared to the leftist animals out there.  The Establishment RINOs get all prissy and pull a little hair here, try to get in a slap there, trying to hold on to their power.  The Republican primary is like a rowdy crowd at a pre-teen girls slumber party.  The general election is when the Democrat Hell’s Angels ride up and crash the party.

They are out there in force, painting her as a kook.  And quoting that dumb fuck Karl Rove.  “Even Karl Rove says [she’s a kook, she’s a flake, she’s yada yada yada]…”

She’s already made the progressive 


Shock Audio: Facing ‘Obligations’ From Leadership, Democrat Congresswoman Leaves Voicemail for Lobbyist Cash

This just gets more and more bizarre. Are all the members of the Congressional Black Caucus this stupid…or just the ones who have a “safe seat”? It seems almost every day now, there’s a new report about one member or another from the CBC taking advantage of their position in Congress. From Politico;

The House ethics committee is currently investigating seven African-American lawmakers — more than 15 percent of the total in the House. And an eighth black member, Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-Ill.), would be under investigation if the Justice Department hadn’t asked the committee to stand down.

And I include White, Asian and Hispanic members of Congress in this question. What’s wrong with you folks? Are your already exorbitant salaries not enough? Don’t we, the American taxpayer, already bleed ourselves dry supporting you bums?

Shock Audio: Facing ‘Obligations’ From Leadership, Democrat Congresswoman Leaves Voicemail for Lobbyist Cash.

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How to be a Popular and Successful President of These United States

Karl Rove on Obama’s Mystifying Strategy.

I respect Rove as one of the best campaigners of the last 50 years (but not for “compassionate conservatism”) but this isn’t exactly rocket science, Karl.  Rove admires Obama’s and his team’s ability to, in essence,  pull the wool over enough people’s eyes regarding his true feelings and attitudes about America to win the 2008 election.  After that, Karl is “mystified” that Barry O couldn’t keep up the charade and has let slip what he really thinks about The Country Class.  Rove doesn’t seem to fully grasp that the President cannot say or do the things that would make him popular with us, without losing face with The Ruling Class.  He owes them everything, and without them he’s finished.  Approval ratings have to take the back seat.

Look, I’m just a state-level political hack/consultant/guru, but I stand ready and willing to advise the next President of the United States (whoever s/he may be) on how to be a popular, successful two-termer.  It’s pretty effing simple, really.  Say the following, say it with conviction, over and over and over again:

  • “The United States is the greatest country in the world.”
  • “The primary function of government is to protect the rights, lives and property of the people.  Other functions are secondary.”
  • “There are many functions and programs that state and local governments can do best, and I will work tirelessly to transfer these out of Washington, DC.”
  • “American small businesses don’t need more subsidies and tax breaks to succeed.  They need less taxes and regulatory roadblocks.”
  • “Crossing the border of the United States illegally is…against the law.  I will hire 30, 50 or 100,000 new Border Patrol agents and build 1,000 miles of fence, whatever it takes, to enforce the laws of the land.  People already here illegally will be returned to their own countries.  Businesses that hire illegal immigrants will be made to pay stiff penalties.”

How hard was that?  These sentiments are all wildly popular with the majority of voting Americans, including quite a few Democrats, for Heaven’s sake!  In fact, outside of faculty lounges and public employee union headquarters, there are few who would disagree with any of them.  This is a winning political “strategy” indeed.

To our next President:  I stand ready to hold the position on your staff responsible for reminding you of this stuff every bleeping day.  Leave a comment and I’ll send the contact information.


“I Yelled at Madonna Today…”

and I didn’t even realize it until later!”

Too cool not to share:

I told him of my encounter with the production assistants and the director. He laughed and said: “do you know who that director is? Madonna!”

I smiled and said “No, I didn’t recognize her.. but she looks like hell and sure runs a shitty location shoot.”

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Since Ms. Ciccone is approximately the same age as the Contributariat to This Fine Blog, I’m sure John Doe will have no problem with my adding this, from better days:

Sadly, After Promotion from "Boy Toy" She Reached Her Level of Incompetence