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Last Lisa Murkowski Post – I Promise

I am done talking ’cause this crystalline thing of beauty says it all (Thank you ACE):


Radical Fringe Tea Partiers

from Red State



So Uncle Lowell (a guest blogger here in the past, and here, but here is his Democrap cheerleading site of choice) is organizing a car pool to the Jon Stewart rally and I have taken it upon myself to try to help with the signs that he and his fellow progressive a**holes should display at the rally! 

Here are some I’ve already come up with: surely the learned crowd here at Smash Mouth can come up with some even better ones.  As usual, Gramps is the final arbiter of which are the best! 

“YES! Bankrupt us Komrade Obama!” “A**Holes for Alinsky!” “Tear the border down! Let EVERYBODY in!” “$2,000,000 stimulus money per job ain’t bad—keep spending our grandchildrens’ money like drunken pirates!” “The most transparent Administration evuh my arse!” How am I doin Lowell?

“It’s raaaaacist to oppose bad policy put forth by a black President!” “Honk if you are paying my mortgage!” “If you see Obama on the golf course, tell the moron I said ‘Helloooo!'” “The country ain’t bankrupt yet, so keep spending until it is!” [picture of Obama as Urkel looking at unemployment chart:] “Did I do that?”

“9.6 % unemployment: Good Job Baracky!” “Iran has nukes! Great Job Obammy!” “42% Approval rating! You’re doin it wrong!” “Raising taxes in a recession! What could go wrong?” “Dems getting thrown out of office left and right: What do the voters know that we ‘SANE’ people don’t?”

“ONLY 1.6 Trillion deficit last year? Cloward Piven says make it MORE!”
“Bankrupt America? YES WE CAN!!!!!!!!! Bankrupt California?? YES WE CAN!!!!!!!!!” “How dare Chris Christie lower taxes, that scumbag!” “Amerikans United For More Tax…es and Bigger Government!” “We want to be just like Greece!”  “Raise taxes, not our standard of living!”  “Anything free enterprise can do, Big Government can do better!”

John Doe

Janet Incompetano

Damn, I WISH I had thought of that 0ne!  From Six Meat Buffet (h/t Doug Ross)

Patterico (the sore loser), even when writing an article attacking Chris Coons, can’t seem to stop attacking Christine O’Donnell.  At least the part that about Coons exposes what a tyrant he is.

forgot which of my Buds I stole this from

It’s only crazy talk when it’s a right-winger who has Christian point of view.

John Doe approves of Christine O’Donnell’s position on the war on drugs.  The “war” is a disaster, and it should be decided by each state, not the Fed.

from DonChavez, h/t linkiest


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Dear Michael: The Establishment “Ruling Class” Started This Fight

Michael Van Der Galien (that’s a mouth full of name) at Hot Air points out how futile it is that the Right is having a civil war.  Good point, but he seems to have missed out on how this war began.  Christine O’Donnell won, and the Establishment status quo boys attacked her.  Every time it is their fault. 

Scuzzyfavvor fell behind in the polls and immediately endorsed her Democrat opponent (who immediately voted in favor of ObamaCare).  Crist fell behind and then prostituted himself on the issues to run as a Demoncrat “Independent.”  Murcowbitch lost, and now is running as a “write-in.”  Now these attacks on Christine O’Donnell are just the latest attacks by the Establishment Lackeys.   

Since Michael writes for Post-Michelle “Hot Air” I assume he is one of those Establishment Lackeys.  So to Michael I say “Police your own.”  I’m sure as hell not going to stop attacking RINOs and Establishment punks so long as they attack conservatives.  Bank on it.

John Doe

spy cam on falcon & gos hawk


Hamster VTEC

9 seconds of joy

Jahvid Beast

J. Best has 5 t.d.s in 2 games.  Not that I’ve noticed or anything…


“The Detroit Lions have two rookie first-round draft picks — second overall pick Ndamukong Suh, a defensive end, and running back Jahvid Best BEAST, who was the 30th overall pick — who already are paying dividends:

“• Best’s 154 receiving yards against the Eagles on Sunday is the most by an NFL rookie since Herschel Walker of Dallas had 170 on Dec. 14, 1986.

“• Best’s 154 receiving yards is the second most by a Lions rookie in team history. Rookie Dave Middleton had eight catches for 168 yards against the Bears on Nov. 20, 1955.

“• Since sack totals became an official statistic in 1983, Suh is the first Lions rookie to record a sack in each of his first two games.

“• Best is the first Lions player to have nine receptions in a game since wide receiver Roy Williams did it against Philadelphia on Sept. 26, 2004. Best also is the first Lions player to score three touchdowns in a game since Williams did it on Nov. 13, 2005.”

75 yard screen pass for your viewing pleasure.  Or displeasure if you have to defend him…  J.D.