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Great Minds Think Alike–A Limbaugh/SMP Synchronicity

As loyal Smash Mouth readers know, Rush Limbaugh linked here.  So yesterday, I was reading Obama’s remarks as quoted in this story on Bob Woodward’s new book Obama’s War’s and damn, it hit me right between the eyes:  This sounds like that scene out of Dr. Strangelove.

So I posted Barrack Hussein Muffley, then this morning (via Althouse) here’s Rush quoting the very same scene.  Judging by the time I was writing my post, we were both putting it out there  at almost exactly the same time.  For the record, I rarely get to listen to Rush’s show (9 am – noon here) and wasn’t doing so yesterday.

(Cue scary organ music)

If you’ve never seen the movie, you’re really missing out.  Nuclear war has never been so hilarious.


FINALLY Muslims speaking out about freedom of speech

You guys should have been doing this early and often.  But I welcome it now.

….”We affirm the right of free speech for Molly Norris, Matt Stone, Trey Parker, and all others including ourselves.

“As Muslims, we must set an example of justice, patience, tolerance,  respect, and forgiveness.

“The Qur’an enjoins Muslims to:
* bear witness to Islam through our good example (2:143);
* restrain anger and pardon people (3:133-134 and 24:22);
* remain patient in adversity (3186);
* stand firmly for justice (4:135); 
* not let the hatred of others swerve us from justice (5:8);
* respect the sanctity of life (5:32);
* turn away from those who mock Islam (6:68 and 28:55); 
* hold to forgiveness, command what is right, and turn away from the ignorant (7:199);
* restrain ourselves from rash responses (16:125-128); 
* pass by worthless talk with dignity (25:72); and
* repel evil with what is better (41:34).

“Islam calls for vigorous condemnation of both hateful speech and hateful acts, but always within the boundaries of the law. It is of the utmost importance that we react, not out of reflexive emotion, but with dignity and intelligence, in accordance with both our religious precepts and the laws of our country….”