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What makes a liberal?

12.50 cc Boy

New research has shown that there is a reason why some men become “liberal.” No, it’s not the fact that they have a distant father and a domineering mother.  No, it’s not the fact that they have a pretty low I.Q. and they have an overwhelming urge to fit in with the uber-liberals.  No, it’s not just that they love their Humanities professor and his turtle-neck sweater and corduroys.  It’s also this.  (And in Gramps’ case, aka “12.50 cc moped boy’s case”, it IS the turtle-neck sweater and the corduroys).

John Doe

Dear Karl Rove: Alaska is Not PINK!

I respect Karl Rove as one of the greatest political campaigners of the last 50 years, but I was shocked, shocked to see this linked on his weekly email:

Karl, Joe Miller’s victory in the Alaska U.S. Senate primary did not “move[s] the Last Frontier from solidly Republican to leaning GOP.”  Joe Miller will be the winner in November, unless a meteorite strikes his pickup truck as he tours the state.

Meanwhile, Miller supporter Sarah Palin was smeared with a bunch of “anonymously sourced” cowshit by a smarmy little impotent buttboy worm of a hack writer from some smarmy little magazine that that other buttboy writes for (no links for the lot of ’em.  You know who I mean).

Palin was reported to be considering her options.


I hereby call for the beheading of Muslim Cleric

Naw, not because you are some fanatical camel humper, do it for the money.  I hereby put up $500 of my own money to the first guy to behead this freak, this Australian-borne vermin.  But hey, if some camel humping pedophile Mooselimb wants to do it, I’ll keep my money since yer gonna get your virginal reward in hell, er, I mean Paradise. 

This is the Twenty-First Century.  I thought we got rid of Mooselimb scum like him during The Crusades?!

Down with vermin and radical mooselimb clerics (sorry for the redundancy). 

John Doe

p.s. This illustrates why the left has such a soft spot in their hearts for Mooselimbs.  Both groups will do almost anything to silence those with whom they disagree.

Gun “Registration” leads to “Gun Control”

Are you one of those mind full of mush types who publicly (or secretly) scoff at the idea that government bureaucrats would not really use gun registration in order to steal your private property?  Well, as they say, the proof is in the pudding.  Or, the idiots–and the spineless dupes who let them get away with it–are in  Canada. Read it and weep at Mesopotamiawest.


Official “October Surprise” Contest!!!!!!!!!!

You can win big prizes HERE! Act NOW!!

We all know that the Democrat Party is in trouble. Their ship is taking on water at an alarming rate. Rats are deserting the party faster than Tiger’s sponsors dropped him.  You know it is coming, I know it is coming: an “October Surprise!”  As night follows day, as April showers bring May flowers, and as corruption follows political power, the Dems are going to spring at least one dirty trick to try to retain power.   

So, we are taking Jim Geraghty’s advice, via Ed Driscoll: “Hold a contest to see who comes up with the most creative suggestion for what the Dems might do.” [h/t Doug Ross]

Some lame examples to get the creative juices flowing.  The Dems need our help!

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