Blew Virginia is getting his idiot on again

Dealing with idiot progressive bloggers is like potty training puppies.  They just keep shitting in the blogosphere, and we adults have to keep correcting their childish ways.  The latest poop from Blew Virginia is that somehow Bob McDonnell is responsible because two of his AGAs were discovered to have broken the law or otherwise acted unseemly.  Course, Blew Virginia, no doubt being a pathetic welfare recipient has zero experience being the supervisor of hundreds of people and wouldn’t know that you can’t babysit each and every one of them 24/7 to ensure that they don’t break the law.  Course, there is zero indication that McDonnell knew or should have known of any of the improper activity, but that does not stop puny little men from attacking him for what his former employees did anyway. We get it: You don’t like McDonnell. (Because he is a good man and you are not?) But find something legitimate to criticize him on and quit pooping in the blogosphere, or I’ll just have to keep bitchslappin your pathetic little words.

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