Daily Archives: February 8, 2009

Dork in Chief: I WON but it should have been I LIED and VOTERS WERE DUPED

barack-obama-liarHe did not campaign on the current porkulus packageImagine his debates with McCain if he admitted: “This promise to cut taxes of 95% of the taxpayers is campaign rhetoric. I just made that shit up to get some of you idiots to vote for me.  I’m not gonna cut taxes. And I’m gonna spend a trillion dollars in pork barrel spending to pay off some of the Democrat supporters. I’ll call it stimulus. America used to call it Pork Barrel spending but if you elect me as President we will call it stimulus!”   Continue reading

Bumbler in Chief never met a pork project he did not call stimulus

Amazing how liberals whiiiiiiiiiine when taxes are cut, claiming it will “cost” the Government too much money. Or as George Bush was freeing Iraq, all they could ever focus on was the “cost” of the war.  But suddenly the Bumbler in Chief is President and any spending, no matter what the cost, is “stimulus” instead of a “cost” to the Government. Bridge to nowhere? It’s a stimulus, stupid! Who do you think are gonna make the bridge? People will be paid, employers will hire more workers, and order more supplies, and require more engineers, Oh, My GAWD, let’s build two of those suckers! No, wait, one is good, two better, five is even better! After all, all spending is “stimulus” in Barry’s world! Continue reading

Can somebody tell me the problem with being a Holocaust Denier?

What makes it so bad that a guy should be excommunicated from a church over it? Continue reading