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Good read about what to do when our society collapses

Do I think it will? Maybe. Do I acccept everything this guy says? No. But you can tell he has some good ideas. And just a look at how fast things collapsed after hurricane Katrina shows how fast our entire society could go under under the wrong circumstances.  Read it!

Anybody else wonder if we are being fed a load of crap about the two satelites colliding?

spy-vs-spy1Two satelites accidentally colliding with each other in orbit around the earth. One was Russian, one was American.  And you saps automatically believe the crap fed by the MSM that it was a random accident? 

One of the MSM articles trying to feed us bullshit and keep us in the dark did throw these interesting quotes in near the end of an article on the subject:

“But statistically speaking, the enormous scale of space makes the chance that this kind of direct collision would occur completely by accident infinitesimal,” it [a “security consultancy] said. [Empahsis added.] Continue reading

Henry Waxman is sort of correct–it is time to institute a new Government policy concerning the Fairness Doctrine and censorship of the internet!!!

But not in the way he might think: It is time to institute Bounties for those advocating such ideas!


$1,000,000 REWARD! For crimes against humanity such as contemplating censorship to the content of the internet and by looking into how to reinstitute the “Fairness Doctrine” without actually calling it the “Fairness Doctrine.” Continue reading

Anonymous is an IGNORANT woman

ignoranceAt least when it comes to taxes.  Now, it is your blog, and if you want to post ignorant comments, fine.  But when it gets published and others read it and believe that drivel, then it becomes my business. America has enough uneducated morons believing so much crap that just isn’t so that it falls upon those of us with the time, education and inclination to show how wrong you really are.  From your pathetic little blog “Why Tax Cuts Don’t Work” with my comments in italics:

“Tax rates are the lowest they’ve ever been for the upper one percent of people.”  [Wrong, they were 7% on any income over $500k shortly after the 16th Amendment was passed which allowed an income tax.] …. And all the tax cuts did was raise the budget deficit to staggering amounts [funny people like you don’t care so much about “staggering deficits” when it comes to Obambi’s Porkulus Spending Act], which will make recovery even harder [But Obambi’s Porkulus Spending will make recovery easier? Heh, I’ve got some oceanfront property to sell you. In Kansas.]. But the super rich do not spend more when their tax rates are cut more. They already can afford to buy whatever they want and need. And they already have their investment plans in place. Tax cuts don’t influence them to spend more money on those things. When they get back tax money, they simply put it in savings because it’s excess money. And that doesn’t stimulate the economy. [The “Super Rich” run businesses and employ people, and produce things of value, unlike people like you.]”   Continue reading

More proof that socialism does not work

velorution20-20parisian20guy20w20white20glasses20on20velibAnd that the NY Times and the WaPo were too stupid to see this coming.  The Socialist mayor of Paris, Bertrand Delano, was going to save the planet with his brilliant scheme to have 10,000 bicycles all over Paris for anyone to rent any time.  The plan was to cut down on automobile usage, congestion, encourage exercise, etc. yada yada yada.  Continue reading