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Jokes on you

Er, I mean the joke is on America.

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He can’t help it–he was BORN THAT WAY!

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“Sorry Daddy, I don’t have a TRILLION dollars to loan you”

From Instapundit:

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DuhBama going to raise taxes on the backs of charities

His Ignoramous thinks limiting the amount that those making over $200k is a great way to raise tax revenues. Hey mindless fans of the Shucker and Jiver in Chief, I hate to break it to you, but the less charitable deductions you allow, the less money “the rich” will donate to charity. Continue reading

Stupid Virginia Colored People Fox huntin

imageRetards at the Virginia NAACP have reached new lows. Now one of those morons claims that the cops-shooting-the-monkey cartoon was “advocacy of the assassination of the president.”  Besides just being a stupid cartoon about  Pelosi–not Obama–where was this intellectually challenged Association of Colored People when “Death of a President” [about the assassination of GWB] was playing?

And don’t bother to point out to these Mau Muas that Fox Richmond has nothing to do with the New York Post. Last we  heard, the retards at Virginia NAACP were also trying to get Jamie Lee Fox and Red Fox to apologize, too, cuz they must somehow be associated with Fox News.

Obama Slum Dog Millionaire

barack-obama-smoking“Sheeeet biatch, git yo scrawny honkey ass back169501443_4d2540fdd31 out there and earn me mo money! I needs me some crack for my sistahs.  I’m gonna be somebody some day!”

 “Yeah, sure you are BaaAAAaary!”

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BNN’s resident moron, er I mean REAL MAN OF GENIUS at Blue Virginia spreadin lies again


 But you Real Man of Genius at Blow Virginia aren’t even man enough to actually add something to the lies. You just repeat them, and then pat yourself on the back–ewww, watch out for the residue on your back, you Bukkake noodle warrior you! Nevertheless, we salute you!

[Too those whose brains have not been rotted by the AIDS virus, Jindall said the event occurred “during Katrina.”  Assuming his audience had a little common sense, he figured even a crack queen could figure out that people were not actually taking boats out when Katrina was directly overhead and the winds were howling. Those with I.Q.s above room temp can comprehend that “during Katrina” meant while the rescue of victims was ongoing.] But not you, REAL MAN OF GENIUS!  Not you, guy who regularly wears fur coats that exhibit Monica’s Dress Syndrome. Not you, guy who never met a leftist lie you didn’t like! So this Bud’s Bukkake udon’s [noodles] for you!