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Imagine if the Pubs proposed a tax cut of $825 billion

Dems and the MSM would be going apeshit! 

From The Heritage Foundation: Many people have trouble picturing such an enormous amount of money. To put it into perspective, $825 billion is worth approximately $10,520 for each family in the United States, or $22,445 for each family with children under the age of 18. 

bridge_to_nowhere1Hell, why not just give all that money directly to each family? That would stimulate the economy and at least each of us could get something that we really want and/or need, instead of a bridge to Nowhere and free contraceptives!

Keep Gitmo Open

And you idiot liberals thought this photograph was a bit of extreme partisan rhetoric. Ha! It was prophetic.


Jive Talker in Chief

By Barry Gibbs:

By John Doe, about Barry Hussein Obamer:

Its just your jive talkin
You’re telling me us lies, yeahobamaphotosr5_228x311
Jive talkin
You wear a disguise [makin believe yer not a COM UUU NIST!]
Jive talkin
So misunderstood lee ee ading, yeah
Jive talkin
You really no NOOOOO good

Oh, my child their Messiah
You’ll never know
Just what you mean a POS you are to me
Oh, my child THEIR Messiah
You got so much so full of shit
You’re gonna take away my our energy

With all your jive talkinRNS PASTOR WRIGHT
Youre telling me us lies, yeah
Good lovin lyin
Still gets in my eyes makes me see red!
Nobody Sheeples believe what you say
Its just cuz your jive talkin
That gets in the way Pursuades them that way Continue reading

Collins and Specter and Snowe, OH MY!

Collins and Specter and Snowe, oh no!  Collins and Specter and Snowe, OH MY! COLLINS AND SPECTER AND SNOWE, OH NOOOO!

Are these three idiots proof that women are too stupid to be Senators? [Don’t give me that crap that Specter isn’t a woman! I know a transvestite when I see her.] watermark These three along with the other Republicans had the Democraps by the short hairs. The Bill would NOT pass without Republican votes. Cut $100 billion? No. $150 Bil? NO. $200 Bil? NO. Can we keep the pork for birth control? Nope. The pork for ACORN? Nope.  Dems: Ok, what do you want? Pubs: Finally, let’s talk.

But noooooooooo, the three ignorant Witches of the North caved and let down not just their party but the entire country.  For a so-called “emergency.”  

Don’t tell me this crap about this is an emergency. Even if it is, then separate out the emergency spending from the pork that won’t be spent until two, three and more years later. No way in hell is that money “an emergency.”  The Democrats just used the so-called “emergency” in the exact same way that GWB used the  “credit melt-down emergency” to waste $350 Billion late last year. What’s next? Health Care Emergency? We must socialize medicine in the next two weeks or our country will disintegrate! Union Emergency? We must unionize immediately or civilization as we know it will end! Queer Emergency? All queers must be allowed to “marry” in every state immediately or the sky will fall in!  Stupid fucks. Sheep listening to their Jive Talker in Chief community organizer, rushing off to Mau Mau latest big bad corporation. Only this time, the ones getting the  mau mau treatment was not some local bank, it was the House and Senate of the United States of America. And we have all been had, again.