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Not your ordinary smiley faces

Hey, I’m busy, so I had to post something that has been around for awhile. 🙂 Continue reading

Some tough questions for the Pre-Selector In Chief

obambiObambi is such a light-weight that he cannot even handle real questions from the press. The reporters and the questions were pre-selected.  Imagine if GWB ignored that fat bitch Helen Thomas for eight years during his press briefings. Anyway, here are two of several tough questions that Obambi should have been asked at a real, grown up press conference. (Fair Use requires that I not cut and paste all of them, but I commend the article to you.) Continue reading

Senator Gregg’s withdrawal was very classy

He blames himself.  I was wondering how a conservative could do what he was trying to do–serve a Progressive Administration. I hate everything about this Administration, but them at least making the effort to add a conservative to the Cabinet was noble. But then they ruined it by taking away the primary responsability of that Cabinet member–the U.S. Census. If they pulled that shit on me, were I in Gregg’s shoes I would have lambasted them on the way out.

In an interview with Politico Thursday afternoon, Gregg said he “should have faced up” to the conflicts he felt earlier.

“I’ve been my own person, and I began to wonder if I could be an effective team player,” the New Hampshire Republican said. “The president deserves someone who can block for his policies. As a practical matter, I can contribute to his agenda better — where we agree — as a senator, and I hope to do that.”

“The fault lies with me,” Gregg told Politico. He refused to discuss any conversations he had with Obama, saying, “I may have embarrassed myself, but hopefully not him.”