Daily Archives: February 16, 2009

My scientific solution to cutting down on global greenhouse gas emissions

No, it isn’t to quit eating hamburgsIt is kill all the liberals. Think about this with me. Cows fart and produce methane gas. So do liberals! Cows eat grass. Liberals smoke it. Cows don’t bathe, but neither do liberals. Cows stink and don’t think… Continue reading

My response to the Godless heathen complaining about the safe landing of Flight 1549 and the recent crash of Flight 3407

Secular Right: “Will Bill O’Reilly or anyone else who saw the hand of God in the safe landing of US Airways Flight 1549 this January please explain why God chose not to save Continental Connection Flight 3407, which plunged into a house outside of Buffalo last night, killing all 49 people on board and a resident on the ground?” Continue reading

First, they came for the smokers

When the liberals “Progressives” came to tax the smokers and forbid private owners from allowing smoking in their restaurants, I remained silent;  I was not a smoker. Continue reading