Daily Archives: February 11, 2009

Take this Psychological test to determine whether you are a conservative, a moderate or a liberal!

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Badonkadonk: Beyonce, or J-Lo? Continue reading

Who was the greatest President?

Gallup just came out with a new poll. Long story short, Democrats thought JFK and Republicans thought Reagan were Top Five material.  I disagree with both. And thank God Obama isn’t among the leaders, yet. Perhaps his coronation will be put off a bit. But I digress. The “Top Five” surprised me, and sickened me a little. Continue reading


That I am not as retarded as this typical Obambimaniac! This makes. Me. Puke. Idol worship of a lightweight empty suit. Judging by how this yo-yo’s face is plastered all over the internet, it looks like liberals don’t even know how fucking retarded this guy looks in this video! Continue reading