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Doug Maconis you IGNORANT SLUT

aaaaIs there a dumber intellectual wannabe in all of Virginia? I think not. He tries to put his big boy RINO wannabe panties on and take on the conservative radio hosts. “Look, Mommyyyyyy! I a BIG BOY!” Obviously too ignorant to actually listen to Rush or Hannity or Laura Ingraham et al, he copiously lifts passages from some other dumbass RINO who doesn’t know WTF he is talking about, and passes that off as intellectualism. Continue reading

Wilder fraud?


Doug Wilder’s legal fight cost the city $1.1 million? WTF?!! I could buy a lawyer for four GD years for that price and have them do nothing else for the entire four years but work on just one lawsuit! What a crock of shit whoever agreed to pay those exhorbitant fees. And what a crock of shit whoever charged those fees. Totally unbelievable. And totally outrageous.  Somebody ought to be fired (if anybody is still there who is responsible) and somebody ought to be disbarred, in my humble opinion [Whatever, you low class punks who charged those exhorbitant fees–it ain’t defamation if it’s true!]. Continue reading

The Good Lord Obama giveth

3058265892_5f2e49f319_oUsually the big eared commie taketh away, but on those rare occasions when he does the right thing, I give him props.  He is ceasing the Fed raids on California pot dispensaries. It is none of the Fed’s business whether any state wants to decriminalize pot. This is a state’s rights issue that GWB was absolutely on the wrong side of, but it should surprise no one as he wasn’t really a principled conservative, more of a pick and choose conservative only when he happened to be. I don’t smoke pot, I don’t recommend it, but I would not outlaw it. Prohibition didn’t work, and neither does the war on marijuana.