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Update: Myron Rhodes STILL not out on bail?

deliverance1Observant readers will notice that Mr. Rhodes’ blog “Republitarian” has not been updated all day today. I have not seen Mr. Rhodes, either. Have you? Very strange!  It makes me think he must still be in jail, unable to post bond. Continue reading

A behind the scenes look at the Obama Administration during the past week

How he sees himself working in the Oval Office: art_obama_office [Thinking to himself, “Hmm, where is ‘The Obama Girl’ now? Hey, if Monica could fit under there…”]





But how our enemies see him: obama-emptysuit       



[But I digress. Sometime in the past several days, in the Oval Office with Rahm Emanuel.]

rahm_emanuel11“OK, Mr. President–he he, Barry, it still feels weird calling you Mr. President–Nancy and Harry say they need you to talk down the economy, make everything into a crisis, so they can pass the Pork, er Stimulus Package.”


[Thinks to himself: Hmmm. Crisis I can DO!  For the next several days, at every speech and press conference…]

…”We are in a crisis!…We are in the midst of the worst recession since the Great Depression…this is a crisis…we are in a banking crisis! …We are in a housing crisis!…we are in an employment crisis! THE WHOLE WORLD IS GOING TO HELL!!!!” [ How was THAT for creating a crisis? ] Continue reading

“How to Give a Speech.” By Barack Obama

angel-harp[Tell ’em what they want to  hear!]  We are going to increase spending AND balance the budget! [Wait with strong courageous look, jaw set, lips pursed, until thunderous applause from Democrat lackeys subsides.]  We are going to give away free health care for everybody and save money doing it! [During thunderous standing ovation, look determined over at that fat drunken “The Lion of the Senate” and nod.]  We are going to cure cancer, save the whales, put a man on Jupiter, journey to the center of the earth AND develop cars that can get 300 miles to the gallon of cattle produced methane–all in my first full year in office!  Continue reading