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Dumbass in Chief reading my blog?

I post a comment about how he is killing the bank stocks by talking about nationalizing all banks. “Is the Obama Administration TRYING to bankrupt all banks? Just a couple hours later the newby President wanna be in chief realizes  his mistake and “tries to end bank nationalization talk.”  Coincidence? Oh hell no! This blog is influential baby!  Dumbass in Chief either a) had no clue he was killing the bank stocks with his words; or b) he got his fingers caught in the cookie jar trying to nationalize the banks and now he is trying to cover it up. Given  how naive and inexperienced, I lean toward the former. Given what a socialist conniviing bastard he is, I can’t rule out the latter.  

p.s. Ok, dumbass liberals, I know he wasn’t reading my blog. Not sure he reads anything except his blackberry messages from George Soros.

Islamic Rage Boy explains the beheading by a practitioner of the “Religion of Peace”

Is the Obama Administration TRYING to bankrupt all banks?

Take Wells Fargo Bank (symbol WFC). By most accounts it is one of the best run banks out there.  It’s stock has dropped over 60% since 7-2-p5-harkin-kkObamster was elected.  The banking industry has been crushed by just 4 weeks of non-stop Obmabi whiiiiiining about “economic CRISIS” “confidence CRISIS” “manufacturing CRISIS” “export CRISIS” “housing CRISIS” “banking CRISIS” and “Democrat politician tax fraud CRISIS” [I just made up that last one–didn’t really happen–sorry]. Even the well managed banks. Obama’s talk about “nationalizing” the banks while talking up this crisis and that crisis is destroying all of the banks. Who wants to own bank stock that is going to be worthless when the Government takes over the banks anyway. The Government’s interest in the banks will be superior to the shareholders. So shareholders are selling off the stocks at pennys on the dollar.

It is a self-fulfilling prophecy set in motion by the socialists in the Democrat party. They want the bank stocks to fall, then the banks will be worthless, and the Government will have to nationalize them. “Sorry, folks, we don’t really want to nationalize the banks [wink wink], but looky looky, they have fallen in value so much that they are not viable businesses anymore, and we’ll have to take them over. Ok, nothing to see here–move along!”

Let’s all play the racist game

watermelonThe racist game, the racist game. Let’s all play the racist game! If you are a conservative Governor who opposes accepting Federal funds from the Stimulus” package?  That’s a “slap in the face” of African Americans!” Boo fucking hoo. Write a political cartoon about some dead chimp? Obviously, RACIST! Oppose any Obama policy? Racist racist racist! You a Republican? Dirty racist.  Have a job, pay taxes, love America? RAAAAAAACIST!  Eat or drink while Republican? Racist!!! Breathe or even have the audacity to live while Republican? Racist! RACIST! RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACIST!

Well, ok, now that you have hit me with your best shot, know this: I DON’T FUCKING CARE WHAT LIBERALS AND IGNORANT AFRICAN AMERICANS CALL ME.  I’m mad as hell and I’m not taking your shit anymore. If yer gonna ascribe everything that I and people like me say and do and think to racism anyway, then screw you. Ahhhhh. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.  The feeling of not giving a shit what idiots say about you is a wonderful thing.

Ok Eric Holder, I’ll start the conversation about race

al_sharptonAre blacks really that stupid for protesting the New York Post over a silly cartoon that doesn’t even pertain to Obama, claiming the cartoon is racist when it isn’t? Helloooooo! Pelosi and other assorted white people wrote the stimulus bill. Are blacks really that gullible to believe the cartoon was directed at D’Ohbama? Or are blacks “crazy like a fox” and just using the cartoon as a chance to get even with the paper for publishing about Sharpton’s problems with the IRS? I know white liberals are comprised of huge amounts of  both the ignorant and liars. But since Mr. Holder wants us to be honest, am I a “racist” for even asking whether blacks are truly that stupid or just liars, making up false claims about this cartoon? [pssst. Judging by the reactions that I’ve read, anecdotal evidence seems to suggest that many really are that stupid. Or very good actors!]

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SURPRISE! Progressives favor raising other people’s taxes!

All those in favor of raising your own taxes, say YEA!  [Dead silence]  All those opposed? NAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!

All those in favor of raising other people’s taxes? YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!


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73 year old dude playing college basketball

Mebbe there is hope for me.