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I’m good!

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Judge rules: Texas Hold ’em is a game of skill

Who said all judges are dumbasses?040428-037_2

Mount Pleasant Municipal Judge Larry Duffy on Thursday wrote that there is “overwhelming” evidence that the card game is one of skill, not chance. State law outlaws gambling on games of chance with cards or dice. Continue reading

All the liberals whiiiiIIIIiiiing about the chimp cartoon need to get a brain

Liberals are the racists. They call conservatives racists because it gets the racist blacks to vote in lock step for Democraps. Blacks showed their true racism in the Dem primary, voting 90-95% for the black candidate over the honky.  Dimwits who believe the liberal crap that the cartoon was racist, pay attention: Obama didn’t write the stimulus bill, so it is impossible for the cartoon to be racist. Pelosi and the Democraps in Congress wrote the bill. Continue reading


Man gets pulled over because of sign in his car that said: “Abort Obama!”  Sign gets confiscated.  Secret Service come to his house and “want to look around inside his house to make sure he isn’t part of any hate groups.”  Continue reading

Liberal peacniks turning on Obama The War Criminal

Gotta love it when the Democrap freaks turn their venom on their own.  Former Senator Fritz Hollings: ….”Yesterday I read an article that it won’t be long before charging President George W. Bush with war crimes for killing civilians in Pakistan with drones. Now the same charge could be made against President Obama.”

Oh, no, Fritz, you obviously don’t know  how Democraps operate. They will see no problem with trying to prosecute Bush for the same things they let Monkey Boy Obama get away with. Being a Democrap means never having to be logical. Or to obey the law.

Liberals upset about a cartoon containing a chimpanzee?

I say tough shit.  Besides the obvious–that the author of the stimulus bill wasn’t even Obama, it was Pelosi and her minions.


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