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The important issue about the Daschle debacle

873f8eam5Is that it illustrates what idiotic judgment Obama has.  Is he still smoking crack? Or is he surrounded by incompetents?  Sticking with your nominee is fine, if the problem is not that big of a problem. Geithner’s cheating on income taxes when he was nominated to be head of the IRS? HUGE problem.

And then Daschle comes along with an even larger cheating problem. Why wait for the NYTs–Obama’s butt sniffers all–to have even them admit that the two picks were idiotic? Continue reading

Hamster on a piano

From The Enlightened Redneck, one of my “Must Reads.”

Message to Doug Mataconis–Just put your big RINO panties on and join the Democrat Party

mccain_rinoHe apparently doesn’t like the Party wanting to be more like Sarah Palin and less like John McCain. We tried it McCain’s way. How did that work out for you? Or were you a closet Obama supporter any way, and just calling yourself a RightyBlog because the Progressisphere wouldn’t have ya?

The Republican party got beat, so what? Dems have been crushed in the past (by Reagan in landslides twice) and they lost the House and Senate when Bubba got elected. You didn’t see them studying their belly buttons and having a come to Jesus moment where they realized that they were just too freakin liberal. No. Continue reading

Tom Daschle is toast

The New York Times just threw him under the bus. I can hear it now: “For health reasons, er, I mean for family reasons, er, I mean, I don’t want to put this Administration through any more trouble, after all, I should have disclosed my tax problems before I was chosen by President Obama, blah blah blah.”

Psssst! Wanna bail-out? Donate $2,000,000 to ACORN!

bribeBank of America is using taxpayer money to pay off a bribe that was extorted from them in exchange for a bail-out. Or to curry favor in the future with the D’OhBama Admin.  Either that, or it is all just a huge coincidence that Bank of America was bailed out with taxpayer money, and now just happens to want to pay over $2,000,000–out of the Goodness of their hearts–to ACORN in Chicago. Where President Obama used to work with them. Hmmm. Which of those possibilities is more likely????

MSM to Obama: Can we have your baby, Sir?

How in the world did I miss this? The Detroit Free Press, the paper that I grew up reading, wants you to experience becoming one with The One.  For those of you “who see a part of President Barack Obama in themselves.”  Come, wet your panties, and join the Free Press’es Gallery of feces, er, I mean faces! Puuuuuuuuuuuuke!


Kentucky Governor “Beshear says in a letter to President Barack Obama released Monday that 10 of the deaths were from carbon monoxide poisoning and at least nine others from hypothermia.” [That is people dying by TRYING TO STAY WARM and by FREEZING TO DEATH, just for you idiot liberals who don’t know what it means.]

If this was Harlem or Watts or Liberty City or some other darky hell hole, do you think this “Present” voting empty suit dumbass President would be sitting on his ass and doing nothing?