Paging Lowell, paging LOWELL FULK!

How come you haven’t posted this at “We Will Rock Dem” yet? This is good stuff. It tells your mindless “independent thinking” readers everything they need to know about Republicans in 3 minutes or less.  Do I has ta do all yer blogging work for ya?

7 responses to “Paging Lowell, paging LOWELL FULK!

  1. This is cute John! It’s fun watching republicans imitating democrats imitating republicans.

  2. No problem. And don’t be such a stranger.

  3. I’m sorry man, I’ve just been so busy trying to convince people that the world would be a much better place if they just would purchase a new insulated garage door and operator. That plus working to take over the world…

    We just yesterday watched our middle daughter graduate from Turner Ashby High School in Bridgewater, and said farewell to our youngest as she departed with her friend and her friend’s family for the Florida Keys for two weeks. (She has been truly blessed with good and generous friends taking her along on vacations, we know some really good people)
    You and yours doing well I hope.

  4. My daughter is a year ahead of your graduate. She’s gone with her fiance’s family to a week at the outer banks–well chaperoned, trust me. My “adopted daughter” has one year left to go. My son almost is a graduate of Liberty U and is getting married in a few weeks. Yikes. I’m getting old. So I know what you are going through. I am almost a semi-pro Texas Hold ’em player I play so much. And I am trying to coordinate a date for Frankie and me to go fishing. Yer welcome to come too, but we haven’t been able to find good Friday or Saturday.

  5. I really appreciate the fishing trip offer, but it’s gonna be hard. Since my foray into public life beginning in 1995, I’ve kind of let some things like scraping paint go and now I’ve got some serious catching up to do. We’ve gotten things done, just not enough. I’m blessed with a patient wife, but she’s kind of getting worn thin on that issue…

    We’ve also been playing catch up from last year financially. Dianne came within 220 votes in both the city and county of winning for Clerk of Court and was fired as Deputy Clerk just as the new Clerk was about to be sworn in (December 2007)…

    Last year was tough for her as she dealt with unemployment and being among those searching for a job during a downturn.
    Thank God she has landed well with a firm which really seems to value her contributions to the business. That was a pretty hard time on her and nothing I could do seemed to be helpful.

    Funny thing about me and cards, when I play just to play I do pretty well, but when I play for money I get my ass handed to me. Good for you James Bond, for being able to win. But I’m just gonna have to be boring and work for a living I’m afraid… I’m not too exciting of a guy.

    And you are NOT getting old. We seem to be about the same age and I know I’m not. Damned dishonest mirrors and closet shrinkage!

  6. Lowell, your wonderful kind wife was given a shafting and any day we can get together to get along would be a great day in my book…no matter where…

  7. A personal anecdote: I was always popular in high school, was vice president of class, class representative to the “Student Counsel” for three years. Then I ran for President of the Student Counsel as a senior, but a fellow classmate, a nerd who was good at politics, came in and ran a glitzy campaign with fancy posters and got my best friend to endorse him instead of me after telling of all the great things he was going to accomplish. He won, I got V.P. as a consolation. I was devastated. He quit student counsel after a couple of months, claiming that he was too busy. I quit thereafter because I felt rejected. I take defeat too personally to ever run for any office. Hopefully your kind wife isn’t so sensitive.

    I also don’t take criticizm well. If the voters didn’t like my actions or words I would tell them to fuck off. As you both know, I’m not too diplomatic. He he.

    And I would think that during this economy it is well nigh impossible to sell people on what is essentially a frill–an automatic door. [Yes, I’m old enough to remember when they were not automatic. Any of them. At least I think they weren’t, I’m so old I can’t remember.]

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