Daily Archives: June 28, 2009

Some scientists will go to great lengths to save our planet

Scientists are studying ways to lesson the amount of “global warming gases” entering the Earth’s atmosphere. Some claim that cows produce excess levels of methane gas in their burps and farts. These scientists are exploring the issue up close. Continue reading

Breaking News: Cap and Trade to save over 33% on automobile M.P.G.s IMEDIATELY!

A.P. June 29, 2009: Unseen within the 300+ pages that were added to the bill after midnight was a provision that will imediately increase the miles per gallon of every automobile in America. This provision was designed by former Vice President Al Gore, and a key element of the new law will be named after him: “The Gore Mile.”  Currently, a mile is approximately 1.6 kilometers in length. The new law will change the unit of measurement in America from the (current) mile to “The Gore Mile.” The Gore Mile, which will be alternatively known as simply “1 kilometer”, will be 1 kilometer in length. Once this new unit of measurement is implemented in America, (“The Gore”) miles per gallon of every automobile in America  will  suddenly increase in excess of 33%.  Savings per vehicle may vary, depending upon type of vehicle and location. Continue reading