BLUE VIRGINIA: Ole AIDS bref over there FINALLY did it! He won the coveted Smash Mouth blog training wheels award!

Reserved for only the dumbest bloggers!

Reserved for only the dumbest bloggers!

Listen dumbass, if you are going to blog, at least get your facts straight. The holocaust museum shooter is no “right-winger.” He is an atheist who hates Christians.  (Sound like any liberals you know?) He contributed an article to “” that has recently been taken down after years.  He is a progressive socialist, who like Hitler, believes in Darwinism (an idea shared by all good liberals)  as an excuse to purify the races (and kill others).  Hmmm. Lefty’s don’t purge entire populations from their country when they take control, do they Mr. Stalin?  See for yourself his own words, taken from his own blog site.  He hates neocons and Jews and Christians. He is a 9/11 truther (what good lefty isn’t?).  The Arabs (and the lefty’s friends the Palestinians) are jumping for joy over somebody like him shooting people in the holocaust museum. If it walks like a lefty and talks like a lefty, it probably is a lefty. When you lefty’s quit whining about 9/11 being an inside job, and how the Jews are mistreating the Palestinians and about how you hate Christians and religion period, perhaps then crazies such as Mr. von Brunn will not act out your hateful words.

Now, I have no problem with you being an ignorant pawn of the Democrap party, but when you start spewing your ignorance in the blogosphere, suddenly you become a problem that I have to deal with. So consider yourself blog-bitch-slapped. Ewww. Now I’m gonna have to wash my hands just thinking about the AIDS infested slobber that I would get on me if I really did it in person.

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